One letter can make a difference

Hi Happy Friday!


I am looking forward to this weekend because Dan and I are heading to Newport, RI on Sunday with 2 other couples. These are Dan’s childhood friend’s and their wives and we all have fun together. We could use some fun!

I was talking to Steve the other night and I was telling him that I really feel the need to do some volunteer work. I have talked to Dress for Success and Neads over the past few years and although I have a passion for both helping under privileged women and Service dogs I just don’t have the time.


Working full time and working out after work takes up the majority of my time during the week. Work is obviously a priority and I choose to make exercising my next priority with my time for many reasons. Folks have suggested I give it up in order to do other things but I just don’t want to do that.

So, any volunteer work has just not happened.


I read a story yesterday about a bed ridden woman named, Jodi Ann Bickley, who for years in the UK has left inspirational letters for people to find in books, trains, buses, pubs.. anywhere she thought people might need to be cheered.

She has since set up a web-site where if someone needs an inspirational letter you can e-mail her and she will send that person a personalized letter. Just give her a blurb of what they might need and she’ll write it.

She has sent over 1,200 letters.

You guys, I fell in love with this idea! How friggin’ cool is this? Is she?

She now has a book out that chronicles her story and her letters, ” One Million Lovely Letters”. I really want the book!


I could see myself totally doing this same thing. I could still help people but I wouldn’t have to be somewhere. I could write the letters or have some other volunteers write them on our own time. I might target a specific group, though, like Motherless Daughters, Veterans, children of addicts…

The possibilities are endless…

The only obstacle I see is the cost of envelopes and stamps. Jodi has a fund set up if people want to donate towards mailing the letters. Good idea.

I like the idea that this is an actual letter too and not an e-mail. Who doesn’t love to get mail? Especially, if it’s good mail?

Imagine getting a letter like the one below when you feel like your life is just crap right now. But better still, imagine being the one who wrote the letter to someone you don’t even know and give them hope.


I need to think more about this and make a plan because I think I have to do something about this.

One letter can make a difference.

Question of the day:
Would you like to receive a letter if you felt down?

Would you be willing to write a letter?

What group of people could benefit from a letter?

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3 Responses to One letter can make a difference

  1. Maria says:

    Great idea, Karen! I would love a letter! I would write a letter! And I would probably write it to an elderly person who seldom gets visitors.

  2. Christy Shepard says:

    This is an awesome idea I would love to get a letter if i was feeling down !

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