Weekend in Newport

Hi everyone:

Dan and I were away for a much needed mini vacation in Newport, RI with 2 other couples these past few days.


We all stayed at the Admiral Fitzroy Inn right on Thames Street which is a prime location. You can just park and walk anywhere in downtown Newport. The parking in Newport is a nightmare so it is great just to be able to park the car and not have to move it again.

We have stayed there several times before and the rooms are clean, airy and big. It also has a roof top seating area that looks out at the ocean where we sat and had drinks the first night.


Lucie and Paul got to the Inn first and we just shot the breeze on the roof until Paula and Robert got there. Then we walked downtown to get some dinner. We wound up going to The Black Pearl down by the pier.


The Black Pearl is known for the fabulous seafood and it didn’t disappoint. I had scallops with bacon and cream with rice and a vegetable and everyone but Paul and Robert got seafood. The overall consensus was the meal were wonderful.


After dinner we headed back to the roof and had some cocktails under the moon and stars. It was a beautiful night and just sat catching up for awhile. It was a long drive for everyone though so we called it an early night.


The next day we decided we wanted to go the The Breakers and walk the Cliff walk. After a continental breakfast we walked up to Bellevue Ave ( a good hike) and toured The Breakers. It is a huge, impressive, opulent mansion that is so overwhelming stunning. It took us about an hour to do the self guided tour.


We started on the Cliff walk but it was closed at The Breakers due to Hurricane Sandy and they were doing construction so we couldn’t get very far from where we were.


After the walk we decided we were hungry so we walked all the way back downtown and tried to find a restaurant on the water as the day was just spectacular. We couldn’t get right on the water but we were close and I think we would have been cold had we been on the ocean.

Again, most of us had seafood and it was an expensive but good lunch. After lunch Paula wanted to head towards Cupcake Charlie’s and Paul, Lucie, Robert and Paula got these huge, exotic cupcakes. Dan and I aren’t much of a sweet eater so neither of us got one but I am told they were yummy!

We all split up for a bit and I grabbed Lucie and headed out to a few clothing stores to shop. We found some cute things but neither one of needed anything so we came back to the Inn empty handed.

At 4:00 we headed to the Rose Cliff Mansion and spent about 40 minutes touring that house. It wasn’t quite as ostentatious as The Breakers and everyone agreed they liked that house better. Dan had been to a wedding there many years ago.



After the girls had a quick nap we headed downtown to do some poking in the shops. Most were closed but we found a few novelties shop that were fun to look in.

With us having ate lunch so late none of us were that hungry so we just grabbed pizza and brought it back to the Inn and had some beer and wine that we brought to go with it. We had the Bruins game on the radio for the guys ( BOO) and we just ate and had a good time chatting.


Tuesday brought us another nice day and we met for breakfast at 9:00 and then checked out and headed toward the start of the Cliff walk to finally get that walk in before we all sat in the car for hours.

We all took our own cars and we walked the 2/3 of a mile of the cliff walk that was open. It was a nice morning and the walk was beautiful. Lucie walks fast so she and I powered on ahead of the others chatting and talking. One we got The Breakers we turned around and headed back.

Lucie and Paul were going on The Cape, Robert and Paula back to Vermont and Dan and I home. We bid each other farewell and we have plans to meet in Quebec City in December.

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