Salt Vs Sugar Snacks

Hey, It’s Friday! Can’t get better than that right?

I have had a rough week with eating and drinking this week. I think some stress has caused me to be unprepared in my eating and I am having issues sleeping.


Last week I ate junk I normally haven’t been eating. I had a bag of Nacho Rice cakes last week before dinner! I was overly hungry and needed something small to eat. I was unprepared so I bought this bag while I was at the store and ate the whole thing on the way home.

One night after dinner I wanted something sweet to eat and I didn’t have anything so I opened a bag of chocolate chips and ate those.

Not the best choices to make. I wound up sabotaging my good eating that week.


The kicker was I opened my pantry later that night and realized I had KIND Granola in there. That would have been a good alternative to the chocolate chips and would have satisfied my sweet craving. After routing around in my pantry and moving things I realized I did have some good, healthy snacks that would have been a smarter choice.

What I realized I needed to do( besides clean out the pantry) is to make a list of the snacks I have currently available so when I am hungry I’ll know what I have to choose from that’s healthy.

I decided to make a salty and sweet list. This way when a craving hits I can pull out the list and say “oh yeah, I have this I can eat”.

Here are my lists

Salt list


Individual bag of pistachios
olives and feta cheese
hummus and vegetables
dark chocolate almonds with sea salt



KIND Granola (several different kinds)
Low sugar tapioca
dark chocolate almonds with sea salt

Having this list to quickly look at will help me know what we have and to make better choices.

When I am hungry and I can’t think of what we have to grab I will eat anything.

Being prepared always works for me!

Question of the day: What do you have for sweet/salty snacks?

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