My Aching Back

Hey Guys! For a weekend that was supposed to be a washout it turned out to be pretty beautiful!

On Friday night I went to Yoga for the first time in a few weeks. It was ok but after I walked in the dog park on Saturday my back was killing me!

I mean hurting like it never has before. I had a pain from my back going down my leg and it hurt like hell. After dealing with it all day I decided to try and foam roll it to see if that helped. I rolled out both my hips for quite a while. It really hurt while I did the rolling but I have to say it helped almost instantly!


It started to act up again, but not nearly as bad, later in the evening so I flicked on the TV and watched American Pie while I foam rolled my hips again.

Erica, from Curvy Healthy Girl first told me to get a Foam Roller last fall. Then when I started working with Steve he also said I should get one and he showed me some moves on the foam roller to do for my back. Although, I thought it was my back that was bothering me he said it was probably my hips. So, he showed me moves for my hip flexer that would help ease the pain in my back.


He was right. The exercises do help a lot. It is really painful while I am doing the moves but if I can suck it up and do them the relief afterwards is so worth it.

Dan and I bought an antique desk from Craigslist today ( more on that tomorrow) and we moved the piece from outside to inside and putting the desk down on the ground hurt my back. He asked me to move it up the stairs with him but I said no. I don’t want to tweak the back even more. It feels pretty good right now and I don’t want to chance it.

I’ll probably watch Long Island Medium tonight and Foam Roll again.


Before Erica and Steve I had no idea what a Foam Roller did or how much it can help. Of course, I hadn’t had that many issues with my back before a year ago to even think about it. I do have issues on and off and whenever my back starts to ache I pull out the roller and it helps!

Erica just told me she even uses it on her feet!. My favorite place to have massaged is my feet. Nothing I like better than to have someone push on my pressure points on the bottom of my feet.

I may just have to try foam rolling my feet. Maybe I’ll have to invest with one that has raised bumps to hit those spots. Looks a little kinky but I don’t care I can reflexology my own feet.


Erica, you may have created a monster!

Question of the day: Do you use a foam roller?

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