My addiction

Hey Guys!

I had been looking for an antique desk for our office for months now. I didn’t want just any crappy desk but I also didn’t want to spend a million dollars either. Trust me, there are a ton of both out there.

I found a desk I love where I have found a lot of our furniture.



I love Craigslist. I have found so many great things on it and have never had a bad experience. We have gotten so many great things at a great price.

When we were moving into our house I knew I wanted a Burgundy leather wing back and couch set for our study. Everyday for about 2 months I typed in Burgundy leather wingbacks and one day I got a hit! There was an estate sale in Nashua, NH and a dentist had 2 burgundy leather wing backs and a couch in his waiting room that he needed to sell. We got the whole set for $700.00. I love these chairs and couch and with a wipe of some leather cleaner they were in great shape.


My next search was for 2 crewel wing back chairs. I had seen one at Dan’ friend’s house and I knew that was what I wanted for chairs in our sitting area around the TV. They are period pieces that would match our rebuilt 1770 house. I knew these would be way more of a challenge to find than the leather ones but I had high hopes I would find them. I waited for about 2 years to find these chairs. 5 years ago I did a search on a Saturday morning and lo and behold 2 crewel wing back chairs came up in Lawrence. I made Dan go with me that day to a warehouse in Lawrence and we got both chairs for $375.00! They were exactly what I was looking for, barely used and I couldn’t have been happier.


Next up we were looking for a King size lace canopy bedframe. I love lace canopies on a bed and it matches our house perfectly. It’s hard to find an antique King size bed frame but we wound up with an Ethan Allen Shaker style bedframe with a canopy top. I still haven’t gotten the lace canopy for it yet (might have to have it made) but we love the bed frame. A little Murphy’s oil soap and the frame is great. Think we paid about $300.00 for the frame.

Guess who the little pillow in the middle is for?

The last thing we got from Craigslist is a Baker’s table. I wasn’t really looking for this but I saw it and had to have it. I was looking for a sock and underwear drawer and I loved this piece. Originally it started off at $1,200.00. No thank you! I watched the price drop and drop until it reached $400.00. I called the woman up and we went and got it in a snow storm last year. I love this piece. It even has bread boards that pull out. So cool!


I forgot! I also got this cool old trunk from Craigslist. It was selling in my friend Sue’s town so she and her husband kindly went and looked at it and told me it was a nice piece. I trust Sue so she bought it for me for $60.00 and we met for dinner one night and made the exchange.


I think Craigslist is awesome. I have never had a bad or creepy experience. If anything everyone has always been very nice and pleasant to work with.

You can definitely find some bargains but you do have to be patient. As you can see, I waited 2 years for some things but I love the thrill of the search and a bargain!

Question of the day: have you ever bought anything off Craigslist?

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