Laughter is the best medicine

“Laughter is the best Medicine”


I do believe this quote to be true. Laughter can cure all sorts of ailments. Last night on Face Book I posted that my friend, Kent, is one of the few people who can make me laugh out loud.

Then I thanked him for it.

Pam is another person who can get me to not just laugh, but really, out of control laugh.

As a kid I remember laughing so hard my eyes would tear and I couldn’t get them to stop. I would get in trouble in class from the teachers for fooling around. That made it all the funnier for me.


Then I got older and life started becoming more serious and I didn’t laugh out loud as much. I would chuckle or find something amusing but the laughing uncontrolably wasn’t as often, if barely, ever anymore.

Years ago I went to a new eye doctor and he asked me what I do for fun. I told him I was a Life Coach and I make sure I have fun. I make it a point to do something fun every weekend and I try and teach that to others.

Make fun a priority.


He told me he had asked another patient of his this same questions and to his shock she burst into tears. When he inquired why she told him she doesn’t have any fun in her life. He asked me if I was amazed by this answer and I said, “sadly no”. So many people don’t have fun or laugh.

Love this face!

You all know I love Adam Lambert, no secret there. Steve is convinced I love him for his looks but the truth is I love that he always has a bright smile on his face, he laughs a lot and always talks about not taking himself or life too seriously. His enjoyment of life shows on his face. I think the beauty I see in his face is joy. He smile lights up a room and he talks a lot about having fun and being positive.

I want to try and learn from him. As much as I try to have fun and not be too serious, I am serious by nature. It’s work for me to relax and enjoy the moment. I get caught up in my thoughts and forget to just chill and enjoy the moment.


On the other hand, when I do let go and have fun it feels so good. Laughing with Kent last night in Spin felt good. I could physically feel the stress fall away as he was telling me something I found funny and I was laughing with abandonment. I even remember thinking that I was having fun and that I really enjoy this class because we all do have fun together. Kent cracks me up more than anybody in class but there is a lot of laughing in our Spin class on Tuesdays. I am sure that is a big reason I like and look forward to going and never miss it.

I don’t usually find comedians funny. I don’t usually like when people are trying to make me laugh but Dan and I used to watch the show, “Whose Line is it anyway?” This show was the funniest show I have ever seen and Dan and I spent the hour cracking up hysterically at these people. It was a fun way to spend time together and have a good time.


Life can be serious and sometimes there is nothing funny about it, trust me, I know. I can’t encourage you enough, especially in hard times, to gravitate towards funny things. After a serious family diagnosis I stopped reading any books that were not funny. I used to read murders, mysteries and serial rapists on the loose but I haven’t read any of those books in years. It’s a light and funny book or I am not reading it. I had enough serious, I needed and still need fun.

Tips to find laughter:


· People – we all know people who are the Chicken Little’s of the World. Try and limit your time with people who bring you down and find people who make you laugh and bring out the best in you.

· Books – be like me and make a pact to read only humorous books or books that inspire.

· Movies – I won’t watch a tear jerker, I just don’t get it. Why do I want to feel like shit at the end of a movie? Marley and me? Ugh – the dog dies! Am I going to feel good at the end of that one? Nope, I go for funny movies now.

· Pets- Speaking of dogs, nothing can make me laugh more than Molly. She’s so silly and I love her. Take a few minutes and watch your pets for a good laugh.

· News- I understand it’s important to be informed about what’s going on in the world. If I hear a bad story I seek out a good story to leave on a positive note.

· Laugh at yourself – Most people I find very funny are the ones who are laughing at themselves. I do goofy things all the time and laugh at myself so I appreciate others who can as well.

· Children- Kids are funny. Look at Facebook to see all the videos of babies belly laughing. You won’t be able to get through one without laughing.

Laughter doesn’t always come easily, sometimes you may have to seek it out. If all else fails there are actually “Fun coaches” out there who teach you how to have fun. Do whatever you need to find it.

Thank you to my “Fun coaches” Kent and Pam. You do always know how to make me laugh.


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4 Responses to Laughter is the best medicine

  1. Kent says:

    I guess I need to come up with more material for next Tuesday huh…??

  2. karen says:

    Nope, it seems to come to you naturally. That’s what’s so funny.

  3. Pam says:

    “Don’t make me get the letter!” lol Glad I make you laugh!
    You’re pretty funny yourself, Karen! Thanks!

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