Clean eating- 30 day challenge

Hey Friends:


What a beautiful day today was! A perfect beginning to June.

I did a lot of thinking while Steve was on vacation this week. I realized that unless I stop eating as much processed foods as I do, I will never get any toner. I have lost inches as you know but I still have a pretty good sized belly. Now, I always have, but in being honest with myself, I have always eaten a lot of processed foods and still do.

The thing is I have the working out down pat. I am good about being consistent with that even challenging myself at home. It’s the eating that is keeping me from being more tone and probably always has.

I come home from work and I head straight for the bag of tortilla chips or popcorn. I over eat them and justify it by saying I have eaten well all day, how is this an issue? The weeks aren’t so bad but on the weekends I live on processed foods. This is pretty much killing the good week that I have had.

I tend to think that I eat fairly well and I do but not on the weekends. I just got home from eating a BLT and splitting an order of onion rings with Dan.


Not good.

I need to start eating more cleaning more consistently.


What does clean eating even mean?

According to the web-site:

“The soul of clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to an improved life – one meal at a time.”

I read a few blogs and when I see what they eat, most of the time it is pretty clean. Instead of chips on the side of a meal they have tomatoes or grapes or sweet potato. I look at their lunches and they are filled with vegetables with a side of fruit. Mine is a pastrami sandwich on a whole wheat roll. Processed food!

So I am trying to be really real about what I eat. Dan gets tired of cooking sometimes (who can blame him) and in the summer he wants to go out and sit outside, grab something quick and relatively cheap. That’s all crappy processed foods. Dan is naturally small framed and doesn’t have to worry about his weight. His cholesterol is perfect and eating processed foods doesn’t bother him that much.

It’s killing me.

Powerful words

So, I haven’t even seen Steve to tell him this but for the month of June I want to try and clean up my processed food intake and try and eat more cleanly. I know I won’t be perfect but I want to make this a 30 day challenge and see how often I can replace a processed food with clean eating.

Crap, I just bought a whole box of Zone bars. Processed food! Oh well, they won’t go bad.


See, just thinking about my meals I do eat way more processed foods than I realized. Maybe I’ll start writing down my food intake daily and share it with you to hold me accountable.

I will polish off my wine and start thinking about how I can replace foods that I currently eat with “clean foods”.

30 days. I can do that.


Are you with me?

Question of the day:

How clean do you eat?

What clean foods do you eat?

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One Response to Clean eating- 30 day challenge

  1. Nice reminder for me that it is a life style choice not a diet!! And yes together with support of like minded fellow life travelers.. I can do it too! One meal at a day at a time. I am with you!

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