Antiquing in Essex, Ma

Happy Thursday!


I took the day off because Dan and I went looking for antique maps in Essex, Ma. I had been looking for some with no success and Dan suggested we go up there for the day. You have to understand Dan hates antiquing so I took him up on the offer before he changed his mind.

Although a fact about me: I like to shop alone usually. So, I would have gone without him, but it was nice to have him along.

I just bought a new desk for our office, which I love. We need to decorate the office, though, but I need a focal point to start. I pick one piece and work around that to decorate the room. It could be a rug, a painting or a piece of furniture.

I wasn’t sure what to put in the office and then I thought of maps. Dan loves maps and I think old maps are cool. I wanted to find ones that have a meaning for us, though, and not just any town. I also love clipper ships so maybe I’ll incorporate those somehow too. I have antique suitcases that I could stack. Maybe I’ll make the office a travel room? Maps, ships and suitcases? Well have to see how it pans out, but this is how I get an idea going.



We headed off to Essex at about 11:15 and hit terrible traffic. There was a rollover on Route 495 blocking the entrance to Rte 3 where we needed to go. Dan knows every road out there and got off and somehow made his way to Rte 3 avoiding all traffic. I would have sat there for 2 hours.

The first place we went into was Howard’s Flying Dragon Antiques and we hit the jackpot! This place is a dive with stuff as far as the eye can see. It has all kinds of cool stuff, you just have to pick through it. We always go here first when we are in Essex and it never disappoints us.

This is really Howards!

I am a bargain shopper and hate to spend a lot of money. My mother always said she didn’t know where I came from because most of my family loved to spend money. Not me!

Anyway, I found a bunch of framed maps for $78.00 in a box. I didn’t just want any map, I wanted ones that have a meaning to us. I found one of BoothBay, Me and another of Rockport and Camden, Me. The BoothBay one was $48.00 and the other was $78.00



My folks had a place right near BoothBay Harbor for years and my Mom loved Camden. They went there often for lunch and just to poke around and enjoy the sights. It is a beautiful seaside town.

After finding other over priced maps with no meaning, I went back and bought them both. When I went to pay for them I asked the lady if she could take anything off. She said the $48.00 one was already reduced but she would take something off the $78.00 one. She gave me both maps for $48.00! I saved $30.00 on the map. I love getting a bargain!

I may re-mat the pictures with a different color though. The walls are almost the same color and they kind of blend so once I pick a color to paint in the room I may match it so they stand out better.


After our map hunting we went to our favorite fried clam shack, Farnhams. It is a hole in the wall that sits on a marsh and it has the best clams (Dan) and scallops (me). Now, I am doing the clean eating so I looked at their menu on-line last night. Instead of the fried scallop and shrimp plate with onion rings and fries, I got a garden salad with grilled scallops. I was so proud of myself. Not as good as the fried ones but good none the less and I didn’t feel guilty!


Everyone else got their food waaaay before us and it was taking forever! I was getting impatient ( I know, hard to believe) and Dan finally told me to go ask if I was so impatient. I did and they told me it was coming.. When I sat back down Dan said “Well, that got you far. Now they are spitting in your salad”

Nice, Dan.

Our trip to Essex was successful as far as my maps and sticking to my clean eating!

Question of the day: Do you complain at restaurants before you get your food?

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One Response to Antiquing in Essex, Ma

  1. Kent says:

    I never complain about my food in a restaurant …!!

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