Alcohol and Bloating

Hi Guys:

Feeling a little tired today. I haven’t been sleeping that well again lately and it’s catching up to me.

With that being said, I have been doing great with my eating lately but not so much with cutting out the liquor. I hadn’t had a drink for at least a month but then around my birthday and Memorial Day weekend I had a few drinks. It seems once I drink my body fools itself into thinking I can’t sleep without having wine before bed.


As well as I am doing with my eating I can see I am looking bloated already from drinking alcohol. My stomach is definitely bigger than it was a month ago.

Here is what I ate for the past few days. My eating is good, especially improved on the weekend, but the alcohol is too much.

Almond Flour blue berry muffin
2 cups coffee
grilled scallop salad
mixed nuts
shrimp stir fry and brown rice
glass of wine

2 pieces of Ezekial toast with peanut butter
2 cups coffee
Salad with chicken salad on top and fat free balsamic dressing
grapes & cherries
chicken, peppers, onion, mushrooms

Homemade peanut butter cups
2 cups coffee
Brown rice
Greek yogurt & honey
Baked Scrod with spinach and brown rice

2 pieces of Ezekial toast with peanut butter
grapes, cherries
cups coffee
omelet, toast
few mixed nuts
chicken, onion, peppers, mushroom & corn

Here is a short article from Buzzle about alcohol and Bloat

Why Does Alcohol Bloat the Stomach Anyway?
A major reason behind alcohol-related bloating is the consumption of alcohol in large quantities (binge drinking) and after a long gap of time. The toxins and wheat or grain ingredients that alcoholic beverages contain, can cause the rapid loss of electrolytes from the body. The stomach tends to bloat because of the accumulation of sulfur-bearing gases in the gut wall. These gases even cause pain and abdominal discomfort that lasts for two or more days. The toxins also cause the face to bloat, along with swollen lips and puffy eyelids. Drinking alcohol can also impair the digestive system’s ability to digest complex foods properly, which in turn, leads to the development of gas in the abdomen, causing bloating.

Now that you know about the relation between alcohol and bloating, make sure you prevent the condition by following the preventive measures mentioned above. Alcohol bloating can lead to decreased attractiveness in physical appearance and can also lead to the development of various other health problems and disorders. Therefore, it should be consumed in limited amounts to avoid hangovers, bloating and other associated problems.
Read more at Buzzle:


My stomach has been bothering me a bit lately and I am wondering if it’s due to the gap I had in drinking and then consuming more than usual. I blamed it on the fact that I was eating better and the toxins were purging but the truth is it’s probably the alcohol.

Unless I ditch the booze again I am still going to appear heavier no matter how well I am eating and exercising.


Back to drinking my Yogi Bedtime tea even though it’s 100 degrees in my house.

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2 Responses to Alcohol and Bloating

  1. Kent says:

    If you only have a few drinks a week what is the harm in that..??

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