Molly is fat!

Happy Friday!

It’s official, Molly is fat.

She doesn’t look fat here!

She had her annual exam yesterday and she weighs 84 pounds compared to last year’s 75 pounds. How on earth did she gain 9 pounds? We walk her every day for 2.5 miles and twice a day on the weekends.

Poor Molls had been rubbing her eyes and having goop in the them for a long time. I finally bought a food intolerance test from Glacier Peak Holistic web-site for her and had her tested for any allergies or intolerances. You take 3 swabs of her cheek and cut some hair and send it back to them and they e-mail you the results. Pretty cool!

She is allergic to:


and a bunch of other stuff that we fed her all the time. After looking at bags and bags of dog food we decided to keep giving her the Taste of The Wild dry food but stop giving her the wet because it had too much in it she couldn’t have. Dan cooks hamburger or chicken for her and we give her that now with dry food.


For the past few months she was pacing around in the morning. We tried to give her a bone but she didn’t want it and was still looking for something. She only eats once a day at night and we both thought she might be hungry in the morning. She doesn’t eat all day and we feed her at 7:30 – 7:45 at night. We started giving her just a little bit of dry food with a touch of home cooked meat. She scarfs it down so we both think she needed a little food in the morning as well as at night.

I also buy her a roasted chicken every Sunday. During the week I cut off some chicken and add that to her food as a substitute to hamburger. She needs a variety too, right?

Dan and I were discussing how she could have gained so much weight this year. Dan had a good point and maybe we should stick to more chicken and ground turkey instead of beef. It’s leaner and maybe that will help. We have friends that feed their dog meat and vegetables. Not sure Molly will eat a carrot or bean but I suppose we can see.


We both agree that 75 pounds is a good weight for her.

Here are some steps we are going to take to help her shed those pesky 9 pounds.

1. Feed her leaner meats – Instead of hamburger all the time I will buy the roasted chicken (no cooking there) and ground turkey or chicken. We’ll also try and incorporate some vegetables and see if she will eat them.

2. Portion Control– First of all, we need to measure out her dry food. Right now we just shake it into the bowl and eyeball it. We need to get a measuring cup and make portions equal. Next, we’ll feed her a little in the morning and evening instead of all at one meal.

3. Cut down on snacks – We both ted to give her snack but Dan shows his love through food and tends to give her a few too many. She doesn’t need a snack when he comes out of the store and gets in the car!

4. Monitor her weight– We had no idea and was shocked at how much she weighed until we went to the vet. Knowledge is power so we really need to find a scale and make sure we know exactly what her weight is.

So, like Mother like daughter Molly needs to watch her portions and what she eats. Her exercise is good it is her nutrition that needs work.

Sound familiar, at all?

Question of the day: Have you ever had to help your pet lose weight? Any other tips?

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One Response to Molly is fat!

  1. Sue says:

    The apple did not fall far from the tree lol

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