Happy Father’s Day

Hey Everyone:

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

I went down the Cape today to visit my Dad and his girlfriend, Carol, for the day.


I know some people think I am crazy to drive over 2 hours to and back in one day but I have never minded the drive. On the way down I found a station that was playing Casey Kasem’s top American top 40 from 1981! In 1981 I was 13 and I had a blast driving, listening and singing to songs from my youth and reminiscing.

Fact most people don’t know: I love to sing and wanted to be a singer as a kid but I was too shy to go through with singing lessons.

I sailed over the Bourne bridge with no problem and got to The Cape in no time. Dad was waiting for me when I got there and commented on my outfit. This is a classic example of how Dad communicates with his memory issues. He took one look at me and said ” I didn’t recognize you at first. Usually you look like this and he proceeded to slump his shoulders forward and slouch. Today you look like this and he shimmied his shoulders and swayed his hips”.

The lady at the desk was hysterical at this description and I take it this means I usually look like a slob and today I was dressed up a bit better. Um, thanks???


I took Dad and Carol to his favorite lunch place, Picadilly Pub in Yarmouth. We have been going there for years and he knows the owners and wait staff. He hasn’t been there in awhile so I knew he would enjoy going back. He and Carol both got chicken pot pie and Dad was in his glory eating there. He said it was like going home.

From there we went to a beach and lighthouse that Dad used to frequent when he lived closer to it. It’s a beautiful spot that over looks West Dennis Beach. Pam and I spent many nights at WDB and OMG I fell in love there when I was 20, many years ago. Such good memories.


I was trying to find a yard sale for Carol because she loves them but we didn’t see any! We did go into a Salvage/Antique store and I talked her into buying a wrought iron planter she was eye balling. For $35.00 how can you go wrong. Carol loves flowers and I knew she’d use it.

Dad and his lady friend both love ice cream so the next stop up as the Sundae School. I had to laugh Carol asked the young kid at the window what kind of ice cream had a coffee base. After naming off about 10 she asked for a small plain coffee in a dish! HAHA, I had to hand it to him, he was very patient and wasn’t irritated at all. We sat for awhile under an umbrella, had our ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was a gorgeous 78 degrees, low humidity and a nice breeze. Perfect!

We headed back to their place shortly after that and I sat and talked with Dad and Carol for a while. Dad started to nod off first and Carol was soon to follow. I left at about 4:00 and let them enjoy the rest of the night alone.

On the way home I found a station that was playing music from the 80’s to now so I heard some Huey Lewis and Soft Cell! Traffic was no problem and I was home by 6:20.


When I arrived home I noticed the Father’s Day card Danny gave Dan. Nice! Only from a 23 year old boy to his Dad…

I hope everyone had a nice Father’s Day and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather.

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One Response to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Nice post, Karen! You dad makes me laugh. My father would have said something similar to what your dad said about the was you were dressed. 🙂

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