Week 3 of my Clean eating challenge

Hi Guys:


What a beautiful Monday! If the whole summer could be like this I would love it.

I am starting my 3rd week of clean eating. I have done really well so far and it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I did have a few “cheats” last week but I am ok with that. I had one chocolate chip cookie from the dozen I made for my Dad and I had a frozen yogurt with my Dad and his girlfriend. My meals were reasonable and I have not had any alcohol at all. I really wanted fish & chips on Saturday but I got the baked scallops instead. Not quite the same but I felt good making that better choice.


Here is what I ate Thurs, Fri and Sat:

Almond flour Cinnamon muffin
2 cups coffee

pint of raspberries

salad with chicken salad & light Caesar
small sweet corn soup – not cream based

chicken, mushrooms, onions. peppers

home made peanut butter bar

Almond flour Cinnamon muffin
2 cups coffee


grilled shrimp Cesar salad

bag of honey roasted nuts

Beef, veggies in coconut curry with brown rice

Almond flour Cinnamon muffin
2 cups coffee

Taco salad – no dressing just salsa

cheese & olives, nuts

chocolate chip cookie

Baked scallops, rice and steamed vegetables

I have also been walking, we think, about 2 miles at lunch and then I exercise again at night in some capacity. I worked out at Steve’s on Saturday morning, which gave me 5 days last week of vigorous exercise. I did walk the dog on Thursday night so technically I exercised 6 days out of 7 last week. Not bad for someone who never exercised until I was in my 30’s.


I am also trying to drink lemon water right when I get up in the morning before I eat or drink anything. I had read an article that Dr Oz said to drink it before each meal to “melt the fat”. Steve was drinking lemon water just in the morning and thought it helped so I am going to see if that helps me. I’ll let you know.

Between my eating clean, no alcohol, exercising and lemon water something has to work!


Hey: Not sure if she is going to read this but I want to give Amy a big shout out tonight. She came to Step class thinking it was Power. When she realized it was Step she stayed anyway and gave it all she had and she rocked it. Step is such an intimidating class when you are new and don’t know the lingo or the steps. Amy stayed with it the entire class without giving up. Awesome job, Amy, you are an inspiration! Keep it up.

Question of the day: Are you eating clean or cleaner? What are your challenges?

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