Molly’s Lyme disease disappeared

Every year since we have had Molly she has tested positive for Lyme disease. Last year she tested positive for Anaplasmosis which is another tick transmitted disease.


We treated both diseases with Doxycycline but we were told once she tests positive for Lyme she will always have it in her system.

I found an article last year by a holistic vet, Stephen Tobin that suggests the doxycycline only works in a third of all dogs and that the Lyme will come back. Dr Tobin recommends using Ledum 1M as an alternative care for Lyme Disease.

Article by Dr Stephen Tobin about Ledum:

Ledum is a holistic approach known herbally as wild rosemary, or Labrador tea- is indicated for insect bites and stings, puncture wounds, and joint swelling and pain. Ledum is especially warranted for tick bites because of the bite/puncture aspect, as well as the fact that Lyme disease manifests in the joints and musculoskeletal system.

Molly developed a limp 2 winters ago that has been an on and off again problem. One minute she comes up lame and the next she has no signs of a limp at all.

Dan brought her to the vet and they couldn’t find any indication of anything wrong with her. I had been giving her Ledum as I suspected the limp might be due to Lyme. She got better with the treatment but her limp did come back.


I had also been giving her Arnica for joint pain. The bottles look very similar and one day about a month ago Dan gave Molly Ledum instead of Arnica by mistake. You dose higher for Arnica than you do Ledum so Molly got a hefty dose of the Ledum.

I googled this to make sure it wouldn’t hurt her. It didn’t.

When we took Molly to the vet last week she tested negative for the first time ever for Lyme.

Coincidence? I don’t know but it seems a little too coincidental for me.

Now she still had her limp up until a week or so ago so it may not be due to Lyme. Again, the vet couldn’t find a major reason for the limp but it could be strained tendons that hurt at certain times. She said we could give her an MRI to see if we see anything but there is little we could do for it anyway.

Whether the limp was caused by Lyme or not I was thrilled to hear that she tested negative for Lyme.

Lyme is a nasty disease that can leave humans and dogs very debilitated.

deer ticks

Symptoms of Lyme in a dog:

Stiff walk with an arched back.
Sensitive to touch.
Difficulty breathing.
Fever, lack of appetite, and depression may accompany inflammation of the joints.
Superficial lymph nodes close to the site of the infecting tick bite may be swollen

Ask your vet about Ledum for the treatment of Lyme in your dog. My vet was NOT on board with holistic treatment. I made the personal decision to use it anyway.

It was a personal decision and I am simply sharing our results. I am not advocating that you use Ledum instead of the traditional treatment. Please speak with your vet and do some research and make a decision that is best for YOUR dog.


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