How to keep “your girls” happier

I had to laugh when I read this article, but, hey I guess we all will eventually have this issue.

Unfortunately, not me!

I took an age test recently and I was 19. I’ll take my 19 year old breasts again! According to this article my boobs are older than my 46 years.


So from Women’s Health here are ways to keep your breasts from aging.


No wonder the skin here tends to sag—your girls go through a lot! “Breast tissue goes on a roller coaster every time you gain and lose weight,” says Marisa Weiss, M.D., founder of Not to mention how much they can fluctuate during pregnancy and before your period each month. The only way to save the skin is by moisturizing, says Weiss. She suggests sticking to a one-ingredient approach by rubbing something like organic coconut oil over them.

Call for Support

You know you need a good sports bra when you’re working out, but your girls should be properly supported all day long. Ask for help at a lingerie shop or department store to find a bra that fits. “Even running around in your everyday life, have the support you need to avoid some of the stretching out that happens with gravity,” says Weiss.

Feel Yourself Up

Seriously, schedule a date with your girls once a month. “You want to make sure you get to know your breast tissue over time so if any change were to occur that persists, you’d be aware of it,” says Weiss. Every month after your period, do a breast self-exam going from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back, says Weiss. Take note of anything out of the ordinary, like bulges, dimpling, rashes, nipple discharge, and changes in size or sensation.

Get a Natural Lift

You really can keep your girls looking perky with the right workout. “You can exercise your upper body, especially the pectoral muscles,” says Weiss. “The breasts sit on top of these muscles, so if they’re in good shape the breasts will sit higher.” Check out this breast-boosting workout.

Sit Up Straight

Aside from surgery and a solid push-up bra, the best way to fight sag is with perfect posture. Sitting up straight will make your breasts look substantially bigger, says Weiss. Plus, it’s way cheaper than that name-brand pushup you’ve been eyeing.

Treat Breakouts Cautiously

Hey, acne on your chest happens. Whatever you do, don’t touch it. “Anything on the front of the chest or cleavage can leave a significant scar,” says Weiss. “The skin on that area has seen a lot of sun over the years and doesn’t heal as well as other areas.” At the first sign of breakouts, use a gentle cleanser or topical acne medication, preferably for sensitive skin. If it persists, ask your dermatologist for something gentle but effective, says Weiss.

Keep Them Out Of the Sun

Don’t assume you only need SPF on your girls when you’re in a bikini. Even a low-cut top can put you at risk for sun damage on your set. “Just make sure that any personal care product you use is healthy for you,” says Weiss. The Environmental Working Group puts out a whole list of sunscreens that offer the right protection with safe ingredients. “Remember that what goes on you, goes in you,” says Weiss.

Don’t Sweat Stretch Marks

After all your breasts go through, it’s not too surprising that they often end up with a few battle scars. And unfortunately, these annoying little marks are largely caused by genetics. But here’s the good news: “The pink color and puffiness that goes along with relatively new stretch marks will fade and calm down over time,” says Weiss. If they’re really bumming you out, try these tips for avoiding and treating stretch marks.

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  1. Sue says:

    You have lost fn mind

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