5 tips to eat healthy while working from home

Hi everyone: OMG, what a beautiful day. If it was like today all summer I would be a happy girl.


I worked from home twice this week and sometimes it’s challenging not to over eat and to eat the right things. I pack my lunch when I go to work and I eat what I bring, but at home it’s easier to reach for the wrong things.

Today was a bit of a challenge because I had a small piece of frittata for lunch but it was not enough. I scrounged through the cupboards trying to find something else that was healthy that would tide me over. I finally came up with a smoothie. It took me a while to figure out what I could make and if I did not have the resolve to eat something healthy it would have been so easy to reach for chips or sweets.

Here are my 5 tips for eating healthy while working at home

1. Plan the days meals like you are going to work – The night before I work from home I think about what I am going to have for breakfast and lunch. If I don’t have something I either go out and buy something or I make a plan as to what I am going to do. Example: I’ll already have planned that I am going to order a grilled chicken salad from the sandwich shop. This way I am not searching and reaching for just anything out of desperation. Planning is always key to helping me stay on track.


2. Don’t make excuses – Even though I had a plan of the frittata for lunch I didn’t realize how little was left. My best laid plan was throw off and I had to come up with something else. I easily could have make an excuse and eaten something unhealthy and said “oh well, I tried” but instead I was going to find something healthy even if I didn’t really want it. In the past I would have used this as an excuse to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever I wanted. Today, I wasn’t going to let this bump in the road derail my good eating.


3. If you know you can’t resist, don’t have it in the house – Recently I brought some home made tortilla chips that were absolutely delicious. Dan and I both agreed that these were the best chips outside of a restaurant we like that serves them. They were slightly salty, crunchy and greasy. Just irresistible, so I didn’t buy them again. I could not walk through the kitchen without reaching for the bag. They were so greasy they left grease on my hands after I ate them. If you know you cannot say no to something, don’t have it in the house. If you have to (because your spouse or kids want them) put them out of sight. For me an unopened bag or one that I don’t see every time I walk through the kitchen will help deter me from eating them.


4. Try and stay away from the kitchen area- My home office is upstairs away from the kitchen. I notice if I am near the kitchen I am more apt to go see what’s in there. I try and stay in my office until snack or meal time and then I go to the kitchen. If I walk through to do laundry I stop and start looking around to see what speaks to me. Now I try and schedule when I go to or through the kitchen.


5. Drink water – Often times I am looking for something to munch on because of boredom. I started bringing water or have some thing to sip on while I am working. This gives me something to reach for and do and fools me into not needing to reach for food. This seems to satisfy my need to do something with my hands and bring it to my mouth. Plus, the more water you drink the fuller you will feel and it’s good for you.


I hope these tips help. I recently started working from home and it has been a challenge not to eat everything in the house. Through trail and error I am learning what works for me. I am not always perfect but and some days are more challenging than others.

As always, proper planning is the key.

Question of the day: How do you eat healthy when you work at home?

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