My perfect day

Hey Guys (and Ladies):

I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather was spectacular here in Massachusetts and I took advantage of it.

beach babay

For me, there is no better way to an enjoy a day than by going to “the pond” with a friend and spend the day swimming, chatting and soaking up the sun. That is exactly how I spent my Sunday and it couldn’t have been better. Pam and I made plans to meet at the pond on Sunday. I haven’t been swimming there yet this summer and Sunday was supposed to be beautiful.

When I got up Sunday morning and walked the dogs it was beautiful but then the clouds started rolling in. It actually looked like it was going to rain for awhile. Dan told me to stop fretting and that it would blow over. At 12:30 I grabbed Molly (of course), a chair, magazines and a towel and made my way over. I got there before Pam and set up shop to wait for her in the clouds. She arrived a few minutes later and we just shot the breeze for awhile waiting to see what the weather was going to do.

Dan showed up a few minutes later and went fishing with Molly. She LOVES to fish. She jumps up and down and tries to bite the hook (not good). When Dan casts the rod she sits and stares at the line and if he catches a fish she leaps all over the place. Molly doesn’t swim but she has fallen off the dock into the water with her excitement. Dan got a little bass twice but it got off the hook.


After they left the sun came out in full force and once it did it was hot! Pam and I both grabbed a noodle out of the boathouse and made our way to the water. Now, the pond doesn’t sit stagnant. It is a 3 acre pond that has springs all through it so the water is constantly moving but it’s cold from the springs. Every few feet you hit a cold spot and you can feel it. Because of all the springs and the water constantly moving it doesn’t smell like a pond.

Pam made her way in through the shore but I knew I’d have to just jump off the dock and get it over with. Ugh, the initial contact with the water was a shock but after a minute the water was beautiful! She eventually dove in and we bobbed on our noodles for a while. So peaceful and serene.


I got chilled after a bit so I got out and laid on a lounge chair that was over there. Pam got out shortly after me and pulled up a chair next to me. We sent the next hour or so drying off, shooting the shit about life, just she and I.

A perfect way for me to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Dan came back with Molly after a while because he asked if she wanted to fish and she did (ok…) Then some folks we know showed up and we caught up with them for a bit before they left. Dan and Molly didn’t stay long and soon enough it was just Pam and I again.

After solving the world’s problems we got hot again in the sun and went back in the water. This time we decided to use our muscles and kick over to the other side of the pond. Well, she used her legs but I used my arms. The water resisting against my arms made my sore arms even more sore, but it was good.

We were told there is a huge snapping turtle in the pond but we didn’t see it. I am sure there are many of them. One end of the pond we don’t swim at. The beaver, turtles and other creatures hang out there so we leave them be. We can all share one space and live harmoniously. If you make enough noise the snappers will go to the bottom of the pond and bury itself. The pond was dredged many years ago and is about 25 feet deep it the middle. I know some people get wigged out by ponds but I love nature and it doesn’t bother me to wade through muck or have the blue gills nip at my fingers if I am sitting still on a noodle.

Pam, Dan and I watched as the Blue Heron came in for a landing and we watched the turkey vultures circle and hunt for a meal. Pam even saved 2 dragonfly’s lives when she saved them from a spider’s web. I love seeing the wildlife. There is a path cut all around the pond and one summer I came upon a mother beaver and her babies at the edge of the water. I sat down right there and watched them for about 25 minutes. So cool! We have seen deer, coyote, muskrats and mink at the pond. It’s a great source of water for the animals and if you’re quiet you can catch them from time to time.

Anyway, Pam and I finally left the pond at about 5:30. It felt great to swim and sit in the sun. I had a million things that I could have done today but it was way more to fun to sit with a friend and spend the day just the way we did.


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One Response to My perfect day

  1. Pam says:

    Yes! It was a fun day. The pond with a friend just seems to bring life into perspective. Thanks for the great day, Karen! BTW – I am burnt to a crisp… Ooops. LOL

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