Date night

Happy Monday Everyone:

I am kind of going backwards on my weekend update. I gave you Sunday’s before Saturday this week. Oh well, good to change things up a bit, I guess.

Saturday night Dan and I had a “date night”. I asked folks on Face Book if you could still call it date night even if we don’t have kids at home. The answer was yes.

date night

It was such a beautiful night that we decided to go have dinner on a patio somewhere. We wanted to be outside and enjoy the evening. We have several choices but it being Saturday night we chose Red Tail Golf Course. They have a huge patio with pretty hanging flowers that overlooks the golf course. At 8:00 there were still golfers out there! With it being the longest day of the year, I guess they were getting in as much golf as they could that day.


Red Tail used to have a baked scallop dish that you could get with a big salad for just $10.00. It was a great deal and I used to get it a lot. Well, we haven’t been here in 2 years and they switched up their menu to mostly sandwiches, burgers and salads and very little fish on the menu. Bummer! I wound up ordering a taco salad in a tortilla shell bowl but I didn’t eat the shell. Not too bad, I guess. Dan got a burger and cole slaw and said it was really good. We at out on the porch for a while and watched the golfers and just enjoyed the night. When we got home we were going to watch a movie but didn’t find one either of wanted to see so we just watched our favorite show, Chopped. Have you seen it? I love this show.

Dan and I used to have “date night” a lot before we got Molly. We used to always go out to eat for a nice dinner at least once on the weekend. In our earlier years of marriage we would often pack up for a weekend and take off and go somewhere in New England. Not so easy to do with the dog. She is a nervous Nelly and hates to be left (she won’t eat) and if we take her she gets nervous in strange places.

The last time Dan surprised me with a “date weekend” was last year for my Birthday. He booked an Inn in Deerfield, Ma, arranged a day off for me with my boss and reserved a restaurant for a nice dinner. Pretty great, right?

Well, it was 100 degrees plus super humid and the dog freaked out being in the room by herself while the a/c was chugging away. When we got back from dinner ( 2 hours-they lost our order) she was hyperventilating and it took us hours to calm her down. It was a double bed and all 3 of had to cram into the bed. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

All the activities Dan had planned were outside but it was way too hot for Molly so we wound up finding things to do that wold cool her off. We spent most of the time in a river wading around with her. The pavement was excruciatingly hot so she had a hard time walking around town without burning her feet.

Poor Dan’s surprise weekend. Whomp, whomp.. Think we were all happy to get back home.


The surprise weekend before that was on Valentine’s Day weekend a few years back. Much to my surprise Dan had again booked an Inn and made dinner reservations in Vermont. He arranged for Molly to stay with her best friend’s owner while we were away. I wokeup that Saturday morning and Dan told me the plans. He ran to the store and when he got back he said he wasn’t feeling very well, but that he’d be ok. An hour later he was in bed with the worst flu ever and I was on the phone cancellign all the plans he had made! It surprised me for sure, just not in the way Dan planned.

We have had some great “date weekends” though that were very memorable. These were all surprises to me that he managed to pull off.

York Harbor Inn in York, Me
The Henry House in Bennington, Vt
The Inn on the Common in Craftsbury, Vt
7 North St Inn in Rockport, Ma

With summer here we will have a lot more date nights. For the past 14 years we get season’s tickets to the Peterboro Player’s in Peterboro, Nh. They have great plays and we either see a play and then go out for a nice meal afterwards or eat first and then see the play. It’s a nice way to spend a Saturday night.


We both love Portsmouth, Nh and recently Dan found Prescott Park which is the site of one of New England’s most popular outdoor summer events, the Prescott Park Arts Festival, which during July and part of August presents a musical and dozens of performances by musicians and theater groups.

Dan and I want to hit this up some Saturday.


You can reserve a table or a blanket:

TABLES: Avoid the need to search for a spot to sit and reserve the best seat in the park! Enjoy performances from the Federal Saving Bank VIP Seating Deck, and arrive at your convenience to find a reserved table ready and waiting for you.
Each table reservation comes with 4 chairs per table and range from $29-$45 for members and $39-$55 for non-members.
*FAMILY Members and above looking to redeem their FREE table vouchers, please call us in the office at 603.436.2848*
Purchase a SEASON TABLE!
For more information, click here.

Please note: Table reservations do not include suggested donations for entry. Thank you.
Tables can not be reserved online the day of an event, however, please come early and check with us at our merchandise booth and we’ll happily provide you with any available tables.

BLANKETS: NEW! Prefer to sit up front rather than at a table? Reserve a blanket and we’ll set one of our Prescott Park Arts Festival blankets out for you, allowing you to arrive at your convenience and find your spot ready and waiting for you.
Better still? You get to keep the festival blanket at the end of the night! These blankets are normally sold for $25, making a blanket reservation ($45-$55) one of the best deals around!
Blankets are roughly 5′ x 5′, either navy blue or forest green with the Prescott Park Arts Festival logo, and a soft 50/50 cotton/poly blend.

Happy dating, everyone!

Question of the day: Do you and your spouse have date nights?

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