Last week of Clean eating Challenge

Hey Happy Friday everybody:


My last week of clean eating was a challenging one. Even though I prepared I had some slip-ups during the week.

I was meeting a woman to interview after work on Monday and I ate a KIND Bar before I met her because I wasn’t sure what time I would get home. I got to the meeting place about 45 minutes early and walked around. Since I was meeting her at a part grocery store I started getting all these urges for snack-y foods even though I wasn’t all that hungry.


I almost made it but the temptation took over and I bought a bag of goldfish and a diet soda. I polished off half the bag that night and the rest the next day for breakfast! It was just too in my face and I couldn’t resist munching on something salty and crunchy while waiting.

The woman in front of me in line asked me if I was on a break. I didn’t understand and said ” no why?” She replied that looking at my purchases an said it looked like I was on a break and wanted to know if I wanted to go ahead of her so I wouldn’t go over my break time.

So, I looked like some kid who eats crap on their break. That kind of made me pay attention to what I was eating, although I ate it anyway.


Speaking of soda, I used to drink 2 cans of diet soda a day. I eventually cut back to one until I stopped buying it at all. I allowed myself to drink it when I went out but not to have any in the house. For awhile I was barely drinking it at all but slowly I have started to consume more and more. I have noticed I am drinking quite a bit of diet soda now. I’ll buy one at Target or when I am food shopping… out to lunch and dinner.. picking up Chinese food. I am drinking way too much Aspartame.


I also had some wine this week – twice. I haven’t been drinking at all and having wine made me feel horrible. I woke up with a terrible headache one night in the middle of the night and just feeling lousy the other day. Good reminders that I really should just stay away from alcohol altogether. I get very dehydrated when I drink and it bothers my sinuses.

It was definitely the most challenging week of the month. Tomorrow I am going to a pool party where there will no doubt be lots of yummy, salty, crunchy things for me to eat.


Oh and beer.. I drink wine to sleep but I love a good beer. A few years ago ( well, more like 15 now) Dan and I went to Quebec City for our anniversary. I wanted a beer with dinner so we asked what was a good lighter beer. The waiter suggested Blanche De Chambly and I was hooked on it ever since. It is a Belgian White beer and I love it. It has a higher alcohol content than an American beer and I love the spicy flavors of it. I can get it in the States but it isn’t cheap. Every now and then Dan brings some home for me.

Anyway, the week wasn’t all bad as far as eating. What did I learn from this clean eating challenge?

I eat more processed foods than I realized
It isn’t that hard to eat clean
You are going to cheat every now and again and it’s ok, start again your next meal.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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