Day of kayaking

Hi guys:

What another beautiful weekend in New England. Summer is here!

Saturday Dan and I went to a graduation party that had a pool, good food and friends. What more can you ask on a gorgeous day! I blew my good eating a but I kind of expected to. It wasn’t too horrible. I had a burger, some salads, cake, brownies and some munchies. I also had what I thought at first was infused water but turned out to be at first slug white sangrias. They were good! I had about 3 of those throughout the night and then switched to soda. Yum!

Sunday I walked the dog in the morning and then Rosemary asked me if I was interested in kayaking. I didn’t go at all last summer and it was another great day and I didn’t want to just sit around. We put our kayaks in at the Squanacook River and shoved off for the day.


The Squanacook is a very calm flowing river so we just paddled and floated and looked for any wildlife. We didn’t see any going but we sure saw lots of people and pretty scenery.


We paddled all the way up to the rapids and then we beached the kayaks and got out and walked around. I kicked my shoes off and walked barefoot in the water. It was cool and refreshing.



We saw a bunch of people swimming and floating in the river. This came upon this couple floating in tubes and holding hands. So cute, until she ran into a tree and blew out her tube!


There were a bunch of girls in bikinis singing and dancing and Rosemary had to hold me back from joining the party train- not really.. but they were fun to watch. Some kids were jumping off a rope swing into the water and everyone was having fun.


The guy in the tube was trying to get down the rapids and we had to watch him. He struggled and got his butt stuck and had to wiggle and jiggle over the rocks to get through but he made it!


We jumped back in the kayaks and Eagle eye Rosemary spotted a baby duckling swimming and then it jumped on a log. I paddled up to it but it wasn’t too psyched to see me. Right after I took it’s picture it floated away.

After the duckling we saw a couple turtles sunning themselves on rocks.


We were happy we saw some creatures even if it wasn’t anything too exciting.

We spent about 3.5 hours just taking our time and floating up and down the river. It was a nice day and there no mosquitos, a few horse flys and a nice breeze so we weren’t too hot.

We both got some sun but it was a nice way to spend a Sunday, just floating lazily down a river.

We were home for about an hour and then back to the dog park for another 2 mile walk.

Question of the day: How did you spend your weekend?

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