5 ways to defy your age

Hi Everyone:

I found an article today that had 7 ways to defy your age. Since most people don’t think I look or act my age (46) I wanted to share my own ways that I think I stay younger than what I am. Not that 46 is old or not a proud age to be but I like the thoughts of my spirit staying young.

Here are 5 things that help me stay youthful:


1. Have fun/do something new– I think this is the key element to staying youthful. A few years back I went zip lining in the Blue Ridge Mountains with some girlfriends. I was a little nervous but I went anyway and had a ball. It was such a fun experience. This year I tried dog sledding. It was something I always wanted to do and I was so happy to do it. Getting out of your routine and doing or learning something new expands your world. I am always on the hunt for new, exciting things to do. I’ll write them down and save them for the future. Looking forward to something and getting excited makes you feel younger too. Remember when you were a kid and you were waiting for Christmas? That feeling of “I can’t wait ” makes us feel young.


2. Meeting new people/ Getting rid of toxic people – You know how you have people who just drain your energy? Debbie Downers who just focus on the negative stuff in life? These types of people will age you so fast. Think about how you feel after spending time with people like this? Tired, drained, irritated or angry even. Try and limit the time you have to spend with these folks. Meet some new people who are positive and have a great out look on life. They will make you feel fantastic!

working out

3. Work out/ Move your body – You guys all know I used to hate working out. However, something has happened to me over the past year and I am starting to crave working out! After a workout I feel great. I like to exercise at night to shake away all the stress of the day. It clears my mind, grounds me and connects me to my body. Dan is convinced that people in our parent’s generation seemed to age younger than people now because they didn’t realize the importance of moving like we do today. I know if I am feeling tired or wonky if I exercise I feel so much better afterwards. I love seeing “older” folks working out at the gym. They are so inspriring to me.


4. Change it up – your style that is. – Getting a new hair style or clothes can help make you feel from drab to fab. I love finding a new, fun shirt that makes me feel sassy and sexy. Feeling a little self conscious- go for it anyway! You are in your 40’s now, you can take risks and throw caution to the wind if anyone cares. Take that picture that you cut from a magazine and go for it. The beauty is it’s only hair, it will grow back! Find a friend and go shopping for some fun and updated clothes. Don’t buy all black! Find some colors and be bold.


5. Attitude– “You’re only as old as you feel” This is such a cliche but a very true statement. Have you ever met someone who seemed old for their age? They may not be old in years but mentally they are 80 years old! The opposite can be true too. My Dad’s girlfriend is 86 but to talk to her she sounds like a girl. Life is hard sometimes but it can be so good too. Change your attitude and choose to focus on the good. A few years back I was in a situation that I was not happy with but knew I couldn’t change. I made the choice to change my attitude about it and it went from an unpleasant situation to a very positive one. You can’t change the situation but you can choose how you feel about it.

Question of the day: What helps you stay feeling young?

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