Interview with Robbin Miller

Robbin Miller is many things:


She is a mother of an active five-year-old named EJ.
Robbin is a clinician in private practice.
She is a volunteer TV producer for Cable Access Channel 28 in Shrewsbury. Her show, Miller Chat, has been on the air since 1999.
Robbin is also an advocate for persons with disabilities
Robbin just celebrated her 22nd anniversary with her husband.

Robbin is also a fellow Blogger on and I reached out and asked her if I could interview her for my Blog.

I was intrigued by Robbin because I read somewhere that her TV show, Miller Chat, which has been on the Shrewsbury cable show for 15 years, started simply with an idea. I was so inspired by this because how many of us have “ideas” and do nothing with them because we don’t know how, feel silly or fear. How about all 3?

I asked Robbin how she got her own show and she replied “with a phone call”. She simply called the Shrewsbury Public Access Connection and pitched her idea. She didn’t have a lick of education or training in media but with 5 required classes and a whole lot of bravery she started Miller Chat. From 2006 to 2012 Miller Chat had two hosts(one co-host). After Robbin’s co-host left in 2012 she has hosted the show solo but would like another co-host someday.

The purpose of Miller Chat was to produce positive images of people with disabilities living their daily lives just like you and me. When I asked her why this was important to her she replied that she wants to educate people and help make a difference. Robbin made the mistake one time of asking a person with disabilities if they were a “Jerry’s Kid?” After the well deserved tongue lashing it started her path of learning the truths of how many persons with disabilities live their daily lives.

It takes Robbin about an hour to do a show and she does one show a month. Robbin reads a lot of newspapers and journals to get her topic ideas. She finds her own guests with topics such as: healthy eating, a life coach, A Good laugh organization, Nurturing parents teachers etc… The list of topics goes on. She has produced over 300 shows most on topics related to disabilities.

The question I was dying to ask Robbin was how do you be a Licensed Mental health Counselor full time and juggle a 5 year old, TV show, marriage and a career?

Miller replied that she prioritizes everything. Before she adopted her son she worked 3 part time jobs. Now she has to look at her responsibilities and prioritize what is most important. She also does meditation, yoga, body jam, and other exercises to help her focus. Robbin is a big advocate of taking care of yourself. It has taken her some time to get there but she has vastly improved in learning to care for herself.

The future for Miller Chat will focus on issues pertaining to persons with disabilities and new issues affecting families.

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