Driving to the gym in a tornado

Happy, happy Friday:


So, I have seemed to have turned a corner as far as working out. On Monday I drove in torrential downpours and a tornado warning to get to my Step Aerobic class. In the past a sprinkle would have kept me home from the gym. I would use any excuse not to go. Read my previous Blog on excuses not to go the gym. http://wp.me/p3qQRU-2R

On Monday even though I could barely see driving I made it through the flooded roads, downed branches, thunder and lightening, traffic and a tornado warning and made it to Global Fitness on time. I thought about staying home but then I figured the storm would eventually pass and then what? I am sitting at home and I didn’t work off all the crap I ate over the 4th of July.


Then a thought came to me; I actually talked myself into going rather than not going like I used to! Who is this girl and what did you do with Karen?

Right? When did this change happen?

I was also watching, Kerry another trainer at Steve’s gym, when I was there last Saturday. She was doing all different TRX moves and I really wanted to try them with her.


What’s wrong with me?

I told Steve when I saw him on Wednesday that I was watching Kerry and that I wanted to try some different, more challenging things this week. He showed me several TRX moves that I hadn’t done before and although they were challenging I could do most of them.

TRX training

Now the truly amazing thing about this is that I irritated my rib last week working out. Not killing me, but it’s a bit tender. Steve questioned if I should do some of the moves due to the rib and I said ” we’ll see what happens”. I wanted to try them and I was willing to push past the discomfort to do so. In retrospect it was fine and I felt good later, but again, this totally would have been my excuse in the past to why I couldn’t try something new this week.

There was one move that got the best of me and it pissed me off. You have to lean forward on the Trx handles and go out over your feet. I have elbow issues ( I have broken them both and are not that strong) and I am so afraid my elbows won’t hold my weight so I stiffen up and won’t allow my body to bend forward into a plank position in the TRX. I tried it several times and it just didn’t work as it should have. Steve told me to move on to something else but I really wanted to try and master this.

This was kind of it except my feet were on the floor

It looks so easy, why can’t I get it?

It so bothered me that I was looking around my house for something to practice with but I don’t really have anything.

But why am I even thinking about this? Why do I care that I can’t seem to do it? And yet, I do care. Something has shifted in me that I do want and am willing to try new, challenging things. I also want to do them well, not half assed.

I have noticed over the past few months that my attitude had gotten better but I was still just wanting to do the same routines. It was safe and I felt secure doing them.

Now, I don’t seem to care about my comfort zone as much as I want to improve and be better. Don’t get me wrong I am still insecure when I can’t do a move but the difference is I am trying them anyway.

Fitness Fear

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