Awesome Customer Service from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Hey Everyone: It was another banner weekend here in the East. Keep em’ coming.


I am going to admit that I am struggling lately with eating healthy between the holiday and all the parties we have been to lately. I am not doing a good job of eating or limiting my drinking and I can feel it. I need to get a grip on planning and preparing again and stick to nutritious, clean meals.

With that said, I just made an American Chop Suey with Grass Fed beef and Brown rice pasta. I bought some hummus and carrots and celery too for snacking.

I have to share an experience I had this weekend with you too. It’s not often I get to brag about good customer service, but I am going to shout this to everyone.


I had bought a Keurig machine 3 years ago from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The machine has had issues since we got it. Dan gets cold coffee, the coffee doesn’t come out, it won’t turn on… Here is a Blog I wrote last year on how to get the machine to work.

Dan had finally had it though and I couldn’t blame him. I had read someone else’s Blog that said they returned a Keurig machine to BBB that was years old and they didn’t have the receipt. Bed, Bath and Beyond took it back with no questions or hassles.

I called on Friday to see if this was true. The girl told me if they could find the charge on my credit card then they would reimburse that, but if not, they would give me a merchandise store credit. I asked if I could just do an exchange and she said “no problem”..

Now I know what one person tells you but when you show up it isn’t always the same story so I was a bit skeptical going in. Never mind that I sort of felt like they would think I was trying to put one over on them.

I walked up to the Customer Service desk and the nice girl confirmed exactly what I was told on the phone. She had trouble finding the SKU # for my machine and help was soon enlisted. It took a few minutes for the sales people to find my old model and find the matching one. Soon enough I was issued a store credit based on the matching model and I just used the store credit to buy the new one.

Easy, Peasy. I can honestly say I have never had an easier time returning anything, never mind not having a receipt or anything to show I bought the machine there. ( Yes, I did buy it there).

I thanked the employees for their help and they thanked me for my patience. Are you kidding? I didn’t have a receipt or anything and they took the time to help me without one iota of an attitude.


Customer Service is my “thing”.

Years ago I worked as a Quality coach in a Call Center and we scored and gave feedback on the phone reps service to our customers. You know you hear sometimes ” This call may be monitored for quality assurance?” Well I monitored the calls. I loved the job at time and it amazed me at how rude employees can be to customers. I learned so much from that job on how to handle sticky situations properly. However, it magnetized customer service for me forever and I notice good and bad service now. Not that everyone doesn’t know when they get good service or not but its all I can do not to “coach” the bad customer service people on how to handle it better.


I guess that’s why when I got good service at BBB I took notice and by the way, will be sending an e-mail to the company.

Question of the day: Have you ever worked with a company that gave you great Customer service?

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