Adam Lambert & Queen concert- my first ever ( sort of)

Hey Guys:

queen and A

Well, last night was the night I have been waiting for for months. It will be the highlight of my summer, I think.

My friend, Sue and I went to a Queen and Adam Lambert concert at Mohegan Sun in CT.

I know you may be shocked by this, but I love Adam Lambert. No, really. I think he is super talented, humble, funny, charismatic and just a freakin’ doll. I follow him on his FaceBook Fan page and I was super excited to see he was coming to a theatre near me with Queen.

I heard about this in March and my darling friend, Sue, agreed to go with me as Dan said, “Oh hell no”. Be more fun with a girlfriend  anyway, no? So, I booked tickets, got us the nosebleed seats and we found a little hotel about 15 minutes away. Not paying $600.00 a night at Mohegan.

The months has slowly crept by but yesterday Sue and I drove to CT and got ready to meet see Adam and Queen.

We planned our outfits earlier in the week and this was mine:


Here was Sue’s

Sue outfit(2)


We decided to take a cab over to Mohegan so we didn’t have to worry about getting lost or drinking or getting arrested as I threw myself at Adam. It was an expensive ($40.00 each way) but well worth the money spent.

Neither of us had been there and the place is gorgeous.




Tree (2)

me and Sue

We walked around a bit and then Sue wanted to try her hand at gambling. She walked away with 38 cents.

gamble (1)

We had dinner at the Irish Pub and it was delicious. I had scallops over a salad and Sue had Marcaroni and cheese with a side of broccoli. Both were yummy.

The concert started at 8:00 but the doors opened at 7:00. We noticed the line was forming  at 6:30 so we got in line too. We chatted with people for a bit and a lady behind us said we were going to be searched soon before we could go in.

Sure enough, a woman who had a bright smile ( I think to put us at ease) greeted us warmly and had us raise our arms and she did a quick pat down and off we were.

Sue bought a T-shirt, but I couldn’t do it for $40.00!

Queen t

Pretty soon we found our seats. Although they were high they were right in front of the stage. We were looking down at the band and the light show.

I have to say I didn’t really know how to use my camera yet to take pictures so they didn’t come out the best. We had light shining right at us that reflected back when we took pictures so no one’s was great. My camera also lost it’s juice about 1/4 of the way into the concert.

I have a few pictures to share but more to come later when Sue sends me hers.

Waiting for the band to come out

waiting for queen (3)


Adam in the side screens


See how the lights refelected back at us?

Sunglasses (3)

Roger Taylor

Brian (1)


More Adam

A (4)


Sue got some great pictures of Freddie Mercury that was shown in the screen. I’ll post when I get them.


To be continued>>>>>











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