Adam Lambert and Queen concert continued….

So, I told you guys this was my first concert ever (sort of). Well, I did go see Rick Springfield when I was 13 but I don’t really remember it so I don’t count it.

Anyway, Adam and Queen were so good. He is playful and silly and has the voice of an angel. He can sing high, low and everything in between.

Here are more pictures from the concert.

Adam anad lights 5 (1)

Adam in Oval 2

There were about 4 songs that either Roger Taylor or Brian May sang and Adam wasn’t on stage for them.


Brian (1)


Adam on couch 2

Adam on a couch fanning himself

At one point Adam was singing the line ” All my love” and then he had the audience sing it. It went back and forth for a little bit and I think both he and the fans had fun interacting. The crowd was a bit shy and he had to coax them along, but he is a hard act to follow!

Freddie 4

The band paid a really nice homage to the one and only, Freddie Mecury. I loved how they spoke about him and remembered him. He was definitely there in spirit.

Old Freddie 4

The band played for about 2.5 hours in total. It was really fun and I am so glad I decided to go. I almost didn’t bother to get tickets.

I asked everyone who worked at Mohegan if they ever saw the stars and where. One lady told us she never has but if they do they are strictly prohibited from asking for an autograph or acknowledging they are a celeb.

2 waitresses did tell us that if the bands do hang around after a show they will either be a Avalon or the Vista Club.

So, you know I dragged Sue to Vista (no cover) after the show and we thought about going in but the wallls were pulsing and you couldn’t hear a bloody thing. I couldn’t hear properly anayway from the concert so we bagged going to find Adam.


I concolsed myself with some chips, salsa, guacamole and a margarita – rocks, salt at a Mexican restaraunt, Soleto.


We did some people watching (I was looking for Adam to walk by) and we saw a whole lot of interesting characters.

Sue liked the concert so much she suggested going back this Friday because they are coming back for a second show.

As much as I enjoyed it, we aren’t going back for a repeat.






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