Eat this, not that

Hey, Hey…
How is everyone doing? It is a hot and humid summer day here.
I wanted to write about proper snacks because I know when I thought I was eating “good” snacks I was totally wrong. I think many people think they are snacking wisely, but in fact, they are not helping their waistlines.
I am going to do my own version of: eat this and not that
Eat this: Individual Bag of pistachios – Pistachios have a ton of protein that will help you feel full longer. It also has crunch and salt, which I love. I buy the Wonderful Pistachios in individual size bags so I won’t over eat them. Studies show people who incorporate nuts into their diets lose more weight.
Not that: Pretzels – I used to eat pretzels like they were going out of style. No fat, crunchy and salty. How can you go wrong? However, there is almost no nutritional value in pretzels and it is all white flour which spikes your blood sugar levels. You’ll be looking for another snack in no time.
Eat this: Plain Greek Yogurt with your own add ins – Plain Greek yogurt has very high protein a very little sugar. Add in your own fruit, nuts, seeds etc and you will have a super filling, high protein snack that will keep you full for hours.
Greek yogurt flavored
Not that: Flavored Yogurts – I was buying flavored Greek Yogurt and the sugar content was almost as high as the protein. Even the vanilla flavor had a ton of sugar. What’s the point of eating yogurt if it’s full of sugar?
Eat this: KIND Bars – These fruit and nut bar combinations are a great source of protein, fat and carbs. I like the size of them and they aren’t overly sweet. They have different flavors like maple sea salt nut and dark chocolate sea salt.
Not that: I used to love Zone Bars- still do in fact, but like the flavored yogurt they are full of sugar. I used to eat the Chocolate Mint and it taste just like a candy bar. Probably because it had as much sugar as it did protein.
Eat this: Ezekiel Bread – On the recommendation of many people I recently bought this bread and really like it. It is a bit dry but I add a tiny bit of peanut butter or other nut butters and it is good. The sprouted grain doesn’t spike my blood sugar and I feel good after eating it.
WW Bread
Not this: Whole wheat bread: Studies are finding that whole wheat really isn’t as healthy for you as they once thought. It can still cause your blood sugar to spike and can add weight.
Making just a few cnages in your snacking can make all the difference.
What do you snack on?
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