I’ve lost my steam

Hey Everyone:

no work

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I am on vacation so no school work for me tomorrow.

Lately, I have been in this creative slump. I have a ton of ideas and things that I want to do but I have no motivation to do them. I just can’t seem to get out of my own way.


I bought butters, beeswax and oils to make my own lip balm, body butters and sugar scrubs in the winter. I would love to make some and sell them. I even have to the stuff to make your own home made deodorant. Do you know many store bought deodorants have aluminum in it that is questioned to cause cancer?

Anyway, I made one huge batch of a body butter this Spring and it was kind of greasy so I put all the stuff away and I haven’t looked at it again.


I was talking to Pam today and I told her I was bored in the later afternoon so I went antiquing just to get out of the house.

A few minutes into the conversation I told Pam about my slump and she said totally turned it back on me and said ” Why did you go antiquing today? You were bored, right?” “Why didn’t you do some of the things you mentioned to me that you wanted to try and that you already have in the house?”

I gave her some lame ass excuse and laughed when she said ” Uh, yeah, I don’t buy that.”


I love when people call me on my own stuff. I truly think its funny the dumb things I say that I actually think people will believe. My coach used to tell me she had never had a client that found their own flaws so humorous. Hey, we all do it so why not acknowledge it and laugh about it.

The point is, Pam was right. I had time on my hands so why didn’t I try and make something? My honest answer to her was it never occurred to me. I had put all the stuff away and I don’t think about it. Outta sight, outta mind.

On Wednesday I have to stay home for the refrigerator to be delivered so I may pull out my stuff and try and make something.

Pam had a great idea. She suggested I make something for after a workout to soothe sore muscles. Love this idea!

sore muscles

She also told me I need to add her name to the label since she thought of it. Dan calls Pam, Pammy Poo so I came up with Pammy Poo’s essential body butter.

She laughed but I don’t think she really wants me to name it that. Obviously, marketing isn’t my forte.

So, this week I will try and tap into my creativity and ideas.

Question of the day: What gets you motivated or creative?

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