What I did on vacation

Hey Everybody:
Long time since I have written! I was on vacation this past week and just took a break from writing.
What I need a break from now is food and alcohol.
OMG, I feel very bloated. I know when I am gaining weight and I can tell now it is time to reign it back in! I did a few at home exercises and went to Steve’s twice but that just wasn’t enough to cut it! I didn’t eat too badly but I did have wine. Not a ton but alcohol just bloats me. I am not a good drinker, never have been. It doesn’t sit well with me and it does ugly things to my body. I was told I have a food intolerance to wine and beer. So it makes sense that I bloat if I drink too often, but not even a lot of it.
What did I do this week?
I stayed home and did a bunch of day trips. I actually like this kind of a vacation because I like to sleep in my own bed. I did a lot of driving but I don’t mind driving.
Saturday  – I visited with my Aunt for the day. She lives a little over an hour from me. We have always been very close so I went down and saw her and we shopped and went out for dinner. We always have lots of laughs when we are together. Some weekend coming up she is going to color my hair. We’ll see how much fun that turns out to be!
Sunday and Monday were kind of crappy days. Dan and I just did errands and stuff around the house. Not too exciting, but necessary.
Tuesday Dan and I went hiking with Molls and then we went to Portsmouth, NH. We both really like it up there and we love Jumpin’ Jays Fish Café. I had Haddock Picatta and Dan had Artic Char. So good! It was a beautiful evening to walk around town. If you haven’t been there, I suggest you go. Fun shops, good food.
Hiking in Holden woods today
Wednesday I had to wait for our new refrigerator to be delivered so I made some butters for sore muscles using essential oils. Not sure if they helped or not ( I was wicked sore after Steve’s on Wed). I may have to play around with some concoctions and see what works. I want to make some for relaxation as well but I ran out of supplies.
Thursday, our friend, Karen invited me over to her house to chill by the pool. I was so excited to go. It was a beautiful day and we just relaxed, ate and had fun. I am loving hummus lately. I used to hate it but I am really liking it now. So many good flavors!
Not me but I can pretend!
Friday, I picked up my Aunt on the way down the Cape to see my Dad and his Girlfriend. We all went out to lunch and then I took them to CVS. My God, you would have thought they were in Bloomies instead of CVS. They were so excited to be out shopping. We went back to the assisted living and Maggie shaved my Dad’s face and trimmed his nose hairs! Dad was having some issues with his razor (hence the stop at CVS) and Maggie kindly offerd to help him. He looked like a new man after she was done.
Me and dad selfies
Dad’s first selfie!
All in all it was a good week. I am happy to be back to my routines though. I was out of whack eating, drinking and exercising. I had fun but now it’s time to reign it back in. I bought all healthy foods for the week and I am ready to be healthy.
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