DIY Lip Balm

Hi Everyone: Hope you had a fabulous weekend.


Mine was good. I got to visit with some friends and I was productive. Love that combination.

Saturday morning Dan and I were up and out of the house early. He was taking a neighbor into Boston and I was going to the Natural Food store. I was halfway there when I realized it wasn’t even open yet! So, I texted Kent and met him for breakfast for an hour or so and then ran my errands.

Coffee and company was good. Thanks for meeting me, Kent.

I am on this kick of making lip balm so Saturday I spent much of the day making lip balm with essential oils. I made some sweet orange and peppermint lip balm. It seriously took me 20 minutes to make about 15 tubes of the stuff. It is super easy and you can make whatever you want. It is all natural and won’t dry out your lips.


Do you know some products have stuff in it to purposely dry out your lips so you’ll have to keep using it? Pretty sneaky huh?

I asked on Face Book if anyone wanted to try it and I have several takers. I was so excited to make these for people to use and give me feedback. I would love to try and sell some but I need to know what people like, don’t like…

Here is the recipe I used:

4 ounces almond oil 
4 ounces shea butter or mango butter
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
2 ounces beeswax
drops of essential oil as desired (optional)



Melt oils and shea butter together on low heat. Add beeswax and melt. Add in your essential oils and stir.

Note: Beeswax can take a little longer to melt so be patient.


Put in your containers, let set for 30-40 minutes. Put on caps and you are good to go!

On Sunday I was so excited to make more of these that I ran out and bought a bunch on lip containers and made Lavender and Frankincense and Cinnamon and Vanilla along with my Sweet Orange and Peppermint.


Pam came by in the afternoon and tried the Peppermint which she really liked. She was saving the Vanilla and Cinnamon for later. I used the Lavendar last night before bed but I wasn’t sure if that relaxed me or my sleepy tea. I love how it feels on my lips though.

I found a web-site that walks you through how to make and sell your own lip balms. I may just have to try this.  I love all natural products and this might be a fun project to do.

I also want to make my own hand soap and deodorant. Fun right?

I may need testers so if anyone is willing, let me know!



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