My aching knee

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

 taco tuesday

It was for us

Last week I woke up on Wednesday morning with my knee killing me. This happens to me when I sleep sometimes, but I mean it was really aching. Usually when I get out of bed the aching stops but this time it didn’t.


I told Steve when I saw him that night that my knee hurt, although at that point it was better. He asked me what I did to strain it and I told him “nothing, it hurts when I sleep”.  He told me that it wasn’t sleeping that was bothering the knee. He insisted it was something else and it just aches at night without proper support. He suggested putting a pillow between my knees to get the support my knee needs but to pay attention after activities and see if anything aggravates it.


During Spin tonight I noticed that my knee was starting to hurt during class! I guess I have noticed it before but didn’t really pay attention. It hasn’t hurt that much before so it was no big deal really. This time my other knee was bothering me.


Not me, but I wish it was!

I am pretty sure it is my form when I am standing up while on the bike. You rock side to side and I think I hold my knees funny. I was trying to watch Kent but I couldn’t really get a good look. Kent told me after class that sometimes people knees kind of bow out. I have no idea if mine do but something isn’t right.


Kent and I always get to class early so next week I may have him watch me on the bike and tell me what I am doing.


So, I e-mailed Steve and told him he was right. I hate admitting he’s right but if he is, he is… He told me to go home and foam roll it. I did take his advice and I put a healing butter for sore muscles that I made on it. It is made of Shea butter, vitamin e oil, peppermint and wintergreen essential oils and Arnica oil.


Hopefully between the foam rolling and the healing oils my knee will feel better tomorrow.


But my Spin class was awesome anyway because Christy gave me a gift certificate to a Natural Food Store fr giving her samples of my scrubs and lip balm. Silly girl, I would have given them to her anyway because she is my tester, but the thought was so nice.


Thank you, Christy!

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