Letters to Daughters without Moms

Hey guys:

How are you today? It was a steamy one here.


To be honest, I have been a bit grouchy lately. I have  all these ideas that I want to implement but I get stuck on a detail and stop in my tracks. Feeling a bit frustrated lately and not quite sure how to move forward

I was talking to Steve tonight and I told him one of my ideas. I told you all awhile ago about the web-site one million lovely letters. This girl hand writes uplifting and motivational letters  to people who need it.


I love the idea of this. It’s helping people, but on my own time and I can say whatever comes from my heart. Perfect, right?

I thought about doing something similar but for the niche of Motherless Daughters. When I wrote an article about losing my Mom many years ago I had a ton of people write to me about their experience and how hard it is.


They wrote me long, personal, heart filled letters and shared their stories with me. I was so honored to read them and be allowed to share in their stories.

I would love to write letters to women who are missing their Moms and need a letter to lift their spirits. However, I need to find some sponsors who will sponsor me so I can support this business.

This is where the brakes come on.


I have no idea how to find a sponsor or to promote this idea. My friend, Kelly suggested, Hallmark but how in earth am I gonna get in touch with someone there and I obviously have to draft something up like a business proposal.

It all seems so overwhelming.

Anyway, I had asked a few people if they would ever be interested in getting  letter and many women said yes.

Steve asked a valid point and wanted to know who would want to get a letter from a stranger? But, people do. So many people don’t have ANYONE.

My questions to you:

Would you want to get a letter?

Do you know of any Motherless Daughter who I can write a letter to now?

Have you ever gotten a sponsor? Who should I contact?

You can contact me at: info@fabinyour40s.com








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