Happy Labor Day

OMG you guys, can you believe it’s Labor Day? It feels like 2 weeks ago was the 4th of July, right?


But really there is only 8 weeks between the holidays and you know how quickly time flies!


I love Fall, though, so I am not too bummed about summer ending. I miss the fireplace, my claw foot bathtub, polar fleece sheets, sweaters and boots and the crisp air that is great to sleep in snuggled up to Molly Dan….


This is an antique tub that Dan refinished and painted. I live in it in the winter!

I have a pretty busy long weekend planned.

Tomorrow I am going to my Aunt’s and she is going to color my hair.  Yikes! God knows what it will look like after but I am gonna go for it. It’s only hair, right? It is supposed to be like an Auburn color, brown and red, but we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll take before and after and show you on the Blog. Wish me luck!


Sunday, Dan and I have tickets to a play in Peterborough, Nh. It’s the last play of the season and hopefully it will be good (and short). The last 2 plays were almost 3 hours long and we drive 45 minutes to get there on a Sunday afternoon at 4:00. We like to go out to eat after but at that late hour it makes getting home on a Sunday kinda late. But, we don’t work on Monday so no big deal this week.

Monday will be my typical Sunday and I’ll food shop and prepare for the upcoming week. I am also getting my nails done. Not too exciting but I like one down day during the weekend.


I always seem to have really busy weekends in September. Sue is coming the following weekend so we can go to the LondonDerry Flea Market. Can’t wait! There is a  fair that weekend too in New Boston, NH that is fun.

Dan and I are trying to get in touch with the people we rented the cabin from last year on Lake Champlain in VT again. No luck reaching her so we’ll see if that pans out. It was a really good time.

The other 2 weekends are up in the air on tentative plans. There are so many fun things going on in the Fall to do.

Fairs  – http://www.hcafair.com

Apple Orchards – http://applecrest.com

Pumpkin Fest – http://www.keenepumpkinfest.com/index.html

Wachusett Mountain BBQ Fest – https://www.wachusett.com/EventsActivities/CalendarofEvents/GreatNewEnglandBBQFest/tabid/645/Default.aspx


Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend everyone!


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