No more excuses

Hey everybody:

Hope your weekend was filled with some fun. I know mine was.

My friend, Sue, came up on Saturday and the plan was to go to the Londonderry Flea Market to look for purses, scarves, wallets, clothes… Lots of fun stuff that I bought there last year.

Well after driving about an hour to get there all we saw for our $2.00 was a bunch of empty booths! No purses, wallets, scarves or fun stuff, just crap! They must have been busted for counterfeit stuff because none of the stuff they had last year was there. I was so disappointed.

We were starving so we wound up going to Cracker Barrell , which I had never been to! I was kind of excited to go because I know people love them.  We both ordered breakfast ( they didn’t have omelets, weird) but I did have eggs, biscuits, bacon, hash browns and corn bread.  It was good, but nothing I’d tell anyone they HAD to have.

After we ate we walked around the store and Sue bought a purse. They had some really nice ones but none that fit what I was looking for. Too bad because they were nice and really reasonable. Only $30.00. I think they bought them from the flea market. LOL!


After we ate  we went to TJ Maxx and I found a great Michael Korrs down jacket that I LOVE. I needed a new one for the dog park this winter and this was a $150.00 jacket and up and I got it for $89.00.  So, I didn’t get a purse but I did get a jacket. I was happy.

Dan bought us dinner and we stayed up and had some wine.  Molly was NOT happy that Sue was in her bed.

Sunday we got up and started the day by walking the dogs 2.5 miles. It was a beautiful morning in the park.

Then we made our way to New Boston, NH for the Hillsborough County Fair. It is a very small town fair but it was fun to be outside and New Boston and Mont Vernon are beautiful little NH towns that are fun to drive through.


We saw pigs ( you know I love) and sheep, goats, bunnies and  alpacas. Even this baby one born 3 weeks ago!


Who doesn’t love fair food? I was starving when we got there so I got a piece of pizza to hold me over before I chewed off my arm.

We wandered for a bit and Sue got fried pickles (just ok) and I got a buffalo chicken wrap with fries. The wrap was delicious. I had it last year and it was just as good but it was fried chicken so not a healthy choice.

After we got home I showed Sue how to make salt scrubs. It seriously takes all of the 2 minutes to microwave the coconut oil and mix it with salt and throw in whatever essential oil you want.  So, she went home with a Lavendar and Frankincense salt scrub. These are such great gifts to make for the holidays ladies!

Sue decided before she left that she didn’t like the bag she bought at Cracker Barrel so she left it with me!  I’ll try it and see if I like it, jury is still out.


After Sue left I did some food shopping for the week.

I had another epiphany this weekend though. Steve had told me a few weeks back to either decide to eat healthy and lose weight or don’t. I had bitched to him about getting fat and he told me what to do for the next 3 weeks and I didn’t do it. I cut way back on things but I am using every excuse in the book to eat crap.

I just sent him an e-mail saying he is right- again. I either need to eat healthy and not make excuses or don’t and stop complaining!

Some of my excuses:

Sue is coming up

We’re going to the fair

We are eating out

It’s the weekend

I am not THAT fat

It’s Monday

It’s Tuesday

It’s Wednesday….

Get my drift?

As my Mom would say I either need to shit or get off the pot.


No more excuses!

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