Letters to Motherless Daughters

Hey guys:


Sorry, I haven’t written in awhile. I was going to last night but my computer got high jacked! Oh well…


I know I told you all about my idea to write uplifting and motivating letters to people who need it. Well, I finally decided to focus on Motherless Daughters because that’s what I can truly relate to. In that category also falls Daughters with emotionally absent Moms, because after all, they really are “Motherless” too.


I am so excited because I wrote my first letter this past week. It wasn’t to a stranger, so it was easy to write, because I knew what to write and what they might need to hear. She has graciously allowed me to share the letter with you so you can understand what the letters might be like. The name of this person has been changed for privacy.



Hey Betty:

I just wanted to drop you a note to remind you that you are fantastic just as you are. You are so passion filled and have a zest for life that not many other people do. You have been an inspiration to me that life offers so many wonderful things and how to live life not just watch it pass you by. You have more life in you than many younger people. They could take a lesson from you!

I know things haven’t always been easy for you and that you don’t get much support from your family.  I am sorry about that, but really, it’s them who is missing out on wonderful you. I feel more badly for them that they are missing out on the joys of you.  But this just proves what I already know, you are strong girl, and can handle whatever comes your way.  You pick yourself up by the bootstraps time and time again and adjust your attitude and keep on trying. Oh, I know you get in a funk sometimes, but, don’t be hard on yourself for that. Who doesn’t?  The difference between you and other people is you see the positive side of life and keep going for it and moving forward.

I know this isn’t a word that you have heard from your parents much but if it’s worth anything, I am proud of you, yup proud.  You keep an open mind and heart and you don’t just sit back and whine. I know boundaries haven’t been easy for you to learn, no one ever taught you.  You have learned them, though, and have begun setting boundaries to take care of yourself. You don’t need anyone to take care of you, but you.  I think  (I hope) you are starting to see how worthy you are with all of your beautiful imperfections that make us human.

Of course, I know you’d love a good man to share things with but there is a difference between wanting and needing a man.   You needed to know how wonderful you are before anyone else can.

These past few years have been challenging for you, Betty. Your strength has been tested time and time again. The once confident you was shaken to the core by people who were NEVER worthy of you.  Don’t let people like them define who you are or let them create doubt in how much you have to offer the world.

Thanks for being you, Betty. In all the years we have spoken you have taught me about life as much as I have helped you.  Please don’t ever doubt your contribution to life. You have so much to offer and the world is so much better having you in it.




I hand wrote this letter on a pink rose background paper and mailed it in an envelop covered in pink roses to her address. I anxiously awaited hearing from her to give me feedback. She loved it but wondered if I could be so detailed to a stranger.


I wondered the same and then I got my opportunity to find out.


I joined a Face Book group for basically crappy mothers and I introduced my idea about letters and asked what people thought. Well, I got great feedback and told anyone to e-mail me that wanted a letter.


Someone did! So I wrote my first letter to a stranger today and it wasn’t hard at all! She gave me a clue on what she needed inspiration on and it just flowed out. I used the rose paper and envelop again but may change it in the future. Not everyone likes pink and roses. I will once again be anxiously awaiting to hear if this person likes the letter. I hope she gives me feedback.


Now, I need to set up a web-site and pick a name for it. I was thinking something like:


Little ray of sunshine

Ray of sunshine

letter project

hope helps


If anyone wants a letter or knows someone who could use one, write to me at info@fabinyour40s.com and tell me a name, age range of the person and their challenge.


Question of the day:


Thoughts on this idea?

Web-site name suggestions?

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