Hormonal Mess

Hey Everybody, it’s Friday!


Even to say that with enthusiasm is taking a lot for me. I have been feeling very out of sorts lately.  Irritable, sensitive, grouchy and just tired!

 I was (once again) completely out of line with someone this week and said things I normally would have worded differently. You know, I know better and things have just been coming out of my mouth uncensored. I did try and express how I was feeling but in a completely selfish and  bitchy way that no one would have responded positively to.  So, I wound up hurting ( kinda using that word loosely) someone that I care about – again. Then I felt terrible and had to apologize –again.

 Way to go, Karen

 You know those positive and uplifting letters I am writing? I think I need one! Wonder what it would be like to write one to myself? LOL


 I have been really tired lately too. I have been sleeping well but just waking up beat. As the day goes on I get more and more tired. I feel like I look worn out too. People who see me tell me no, I don’t  but I think I look tired in pictures.

 I  do have a doctor’s appointment scheduled in September. I don’t usually get my blood taken but I think I should this time and see if anything unusual is going on. Women in my age group often have unbalanced hormones that can be easily fixed, but you have to know they are out of whack first.


 I am wondering if my mood swings and tiredness are due to hormones being off? They were a few years ago and I had many of the same symptoms. I stopped taking what I was on and never had it checked again so that is my suspicion.

 Here is an article from  http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-8136/5-signs-your-hormones-are-out-of-whack.html


5 Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack

1. Fatigue

 Sometimes the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can be nonspecific. In these cases, it’s important to consider hormonal imbalance as a possible cause of the symptoms. For example, someone who suffers from fatigue could have an imbalance in her thyroid hormones, causing hypothyroidism; in her adrenal hormone levels, resulting in adrenal fatigue; or in her melatonin levels, causing poor sleep. Any of these imbalances can be the cause of fatigue.

 Fatigue in this sense may feel like illness-related fatigue, leaving you tired when you wake up and without energy during the day. Sufferers often describe this as if they’re “running on fumes.”

2. Poor sleep

 You either have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, which contributes to not feeling refreshed in the morning. This can result from a variety of hormonal issues, including melatonin, cortisol or even the brain neutrotransmitters.

 3. Mood swings and irritability

These can become anxiety and even depression. People who have an imbalance in cortisol, testosterone, or estrogen can all have mood swings and irritability. Neurotransmitters that are out of balance can also cause this symptom.

 4. Skin changes

 Many people notice changes in their skin and hair and wonder if it’s normal aging or just “bad luck,” but the problem may be a hormonal imbalance. Low thyroid levels can cause dry skin and hair, hair loss, and brittle nails.

 5. Hot flashes and night sweats

 Perhaps the best known symptoms of hormonal imbalances, these are typical of menopause and result from changing levels of estrogen and progesterone. However, other hormonal imbalances can exacerbate these symptoms, especially cortisol imbalances.

 The obvious question, then, is how to address these issues and how to return to a state of improved hormonal balance?

 First, test your hormone levels. There are a number of hormone tests that look at hormones; blood tests are conventionally used, but salivary tests offer a more functional view of levels available for use in the body.

 Once you’ve tested your levels, you can begin to address the underlying causes of the imbalances by:

·         Cleaning up your diet

·         Reducing your stress

·         Minimizing toxins in your food and environment

·         Addressing your digestive function and microbial balance

·         Getting more exercise

I have most, if not all, of these symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these 5 signs go to your doctor and talk to them about hormonal imbalances.

If you see me and I say something hurtful, insensitive, nasty and just un-like me, please accept my apology now. It is NOT ok and apologies only go so far so I am going to do something about it and see if something is causing this.

Kiss you

That may be taking it too far, but I thought it was funny.

In the meantime, I appreciate you all and don’t mean anything that comes out of my mouth, unless it’s nice.

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