How to tell you are an old married couple


Thursday already. This week is really cruising by. Weather has been beautiful but my allergies have been killing me. The ragweed this time of the year does me in every time.

I found a great article on 9 signs you’re an old married couple. I didn’t even need to read it to know we are!  Watching Chopped every Friday night? Um, old….


Here is the article from

1. You think sleep is sexier than…sex.

Sleep is a magical thing, but those marathon snooze sessions shouldn’t take priority over sex. Making love releases the hormone oxytocin, which promotes feelings of closeness; having sex regularly can help you and your partner feel more connected. Get it?
2.You head to Costco for date night. 

A trip to pick up a 48-pack of toilet paper together isn’t exactly a romantic outing, just like crossing items off your to-do list doesn’t equal quality time together. Make your next date night count by doing something fun together, like uncorking a bottle of wine in the park or going to a movie that you’ve both been dying to see.

3.You start texting your mom — in the middle of your partner’s story.

It may feel like there’s nothing new to learn about each other, but chances are you’ve both changed since you first met, especially if you’ve been together for several years. Rediscover each other by asking questions (“What do you think about X?”) and sharing new experiences, like an African safari or a sake-making class

4.You treat him (or her) like your own personal barista.

You know that fresh pot of coffee that your partner brews for you every morning, even though he (or she) drinks tea? It’s to make you happy, so take the time to show your gratitude. Something as simple as saying thank you will help keep that spark alive (especially if you throw in a kiss).

5.You order pizza in every Friday night.

Certain habits are comfortable and reassuring. But changing things up from time to time is the key to keeping your relationship exciting. Bust out of that rut by dining out in different neighborhoods on date night, or trying a new cuisine together.

6.You go to the bathroom with the door open.

A little secrecy is important — especially during those moments that shouldn’t be shared with anyone else, like when you’re going to the bathroom or plucking your eyebrows. There is such a thing as TMI, even in a long-term relationship.

7.You spend dinner dreaming about your next vacay — with your friends.

It’s great that you can sit together side-by-side without saying a word — it shows you’re comfortable together. But you shouldn’t get into the habit of sitting in silence. Talk with your partner (and really listen) without distractions every day. Make certain topics, like housework, bills and kids, off-limits.

8.You wear granny panties.

You’re not living in a nursing home, so why would you wear giant, diaper-like underwear? There’s no need to be a vixen all the time, but wearing sexy panties will make you feel good and give your sex life a boost. So, go on — invest in a few special pieces that you’ll both love.

9. You just feel…blah.

It’s normal to feel bored in your relationship once in a while, but you shouldn’t feel uninspired all the time. If you do feel blah, make sure that the issue isn’t that you’re bored in your own life. The first step to having a passionate relationship is to unleash your own passions. Reconnect with a hobby that excites you, and you’ll bring that energy into your marriage.

So, I hit on about half of these. (I’ll let you guess which ones;) Coming up on 16 years of marriage, though, it doesn’t really surprise me. Work, kids, parents, life…. It’s easy to fall into that “old married couple” syndrome. Nice to know we are not alone.



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