Wall Yoga – Guest Blogger, Colette Barry

Wall Yoga: The Power of Perfection


Do you remember the time when we’re first taught how to tie our own shoelaces? The eagerness on our faces shows’ how much we wanted to have that perfect bow. And when we finally did it, there is this feeling of achievement and pride that has always been one of the best we had during childhood. For me, that same feeling resurfaced with Yoga. Teaching a new pose is one of the greatest joys of being a yoga teacher. You’ll be able to see firsthand how your student tries hard to master and perfect a certain pose and eventually reaps its benefits for a lifetime.


With Wall Yoga, there is no second guessing on when to apply the wall in your yoga workout. The availability of two solid foundations helps to align your body with ease and accuracy. This in turn allows you to genuinely experience the amazing benefits of each pose. As I always say, perfect alignment produces the perfect result and with the right foundation, you’ll achieve amazing results even on the first try. With wall yoga, you need not to waste your time unlearning poor alignment and deal with injuries you could actually avoid.



20 Minute Ultimate Wall Yoga for Complete Beginners!  View HERE!



Here’s the several reasons why wall yoga is far better than conventional yoga:


  • Wall yoga allows you to reap the amazing healing effect of yoga in a fraction of time.
  • Two solid foundations create an opposing effect on the body, which helps tone muscles faster.
  • Wall work allows you to take on inversion poses even at the early stages of your practice. This is critical in solidifying a stronger upper torso and arms for more advanced poses.
  • With the use of the wall, you’ll be able to expand your workout variations in a whole new level! New poses means new challenges, which heightens your focus. More muscles are also triggered in every session.


Wall Yoga is not all about perfection. It’s about engaging yourself in a powerful workout in a short span of time, but with equally amazing results. Just like the outcome of that perfect bow, your body will look and feel amazing!


Colette Barry – Founder of Barry Method and Wall Yoga Work. Colette is a certified Yoga instructor of Yoga Alliance, certified Pilates instructor and Thai Yoga therapist. She’s also written several articles for prestigious fitness and medical magazines such as Chiropractic Economic and Advanced Physical Therapy. She’s also known for her best-selling book “Wall Yoga the Art of Centering” and has recently produced a DVD with Bayou Fitness Inc. using her concept of Drishti and “Muscle Memory Concept TM”. Visit her on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YogaTrends

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