Switching Doctors

Hey Everyone:


How are you doing?  Can you believe it’s almost October? Holy Cow, where did September go?

Yesterday I had my yearly physical. Just a routine annual check-up that I do every year at my doctor’s office. I have to say that this was the lamest visit I have ever had. The doctor (nurse practitioner actually) sat at the computer the whole time and asked me questions.


1.       Any changes in my medical history

2.       Do I smoke/drink/ wear a seatbelt

3.       Am I safe at home?

4.       Do I do drugs?

Blah, blah, blah

I was speaking to her back the whole time and you know how you just know people aren’t listening to you? They MMM HHHMMM you? Yeah, that’s what I got. She told me I have the most boring medical history for my age. No medications, no hospitalizations, no issues at all….  She told me I am super healthy for my age.

I felt like she blew me off because she thought I was so healthy.  She did check my skin for unusual markings and checked my reflexes and ears but that was about it.  I could have called and done this over the phone!

But the best part of this is I did tell her I think my hormones may be off. I am tired, moody, sensitive… all the signs of perimenopause.


She agreed that that is what is going on and asked me if I wanted medication for it.  I was a little puzzled and asked” Don’t you need to do blood work to see what exactly, if anything, is off?”  She said, “No, you’re 46 we know your hormones are off.”


Really? You are going to give me medication without even first checking to see if my levels are off?

Yup, they just assume they are due to my age and common symptoms.

No thanks. I am not taking drugs for something we don’t even know is an issue. Does  every doctor just assume a mid-40 year old woman is hormonal and gives them drugs that can potentially harm you? It just didn’t make sense to me to offer me medication when you have no idea what the issue is.

I came home and immediately made an appointment with Northampton Wellness Center whom I have gone to in the past. They DID check my hormone levels and noticed I was low on testosterone and gave me something to help build it up.  I stopped going there because it is a hike from me but I like that they are very holistic, spend time with you and listened and took tests before ordering anything. You know what? The drive is worth it.

I will be looking for a new doctor as well.

I did have a biometric screening at work today and they did a finger test of blood to check my cholesterol and sugar and checked my BMI and Blood Pressure.


My numbers are:

Total Cholesterol: 206 ( I know it is over 200 but my good cholesterol is SO good it’s ok)

Sugar: 87 (Normal is 70-99)

Blood Pressure: 116/70 (anything less than 120/80 is good)

Weight: 136 (down 9 pounds from last year at this time- thank you, Steve)

BMI: 23.5 (anything under 25 is good)

I did feel good at least that the N.P (nurse practitioner) said I was really healthy and doing everything right. I have been working my butt off exercising and trying to eat healthier and consume less alcohol to get my weight back where it was. I don’t need to be 120 pounds, I shouldn’t be, but when the scale was creeping up and I hit 145 last year it was time to get control back of my OVERALL health, not just weight.

This was the same N.P.  who last year told me my 10-11 pound weight gain was nothing to be concerned about and it was due to my age and not much I can do about it.

Well, I did do something about it, honey, and you were wrong!

 weight gain

So for all of  you 40 something (or older) women who think you can’t lose weight or get healthy because of your age, it isn’t true!

With eating right and working out you can be healthy after 40!

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