Bach’s Rescue Sleep review

Hey Everyone:

How are you doing? Things are ok here.


I had a bunch of suggestions about sleep remedies and someone suggested Bach’s Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts.  It’s all natural, non-narcotic and non habit forming. It’s alcohol free and safe for everyone.

Well, I am always looking for something natural to help me sleep and I figured “why not?” I ordered this on although I did see it was in my all natural food store. It was about $9.99 on-line.

I had read some reviews on-line and most were pretty good.

I eagerly awaited for it to come and it only took a few days. I ordered it last week and I got it Monday. I usually drink sleepy tea and take Melatonin but I figured I should just stick to my tea and the Rescue Sleep.

I took  a capsule and let it melt on my tongue. It had a pleasant orange flavor and was a little oily as it is in a  carrier oil.

I took it about an hour and 15 minutes before bed and I waited for me to feel sleepy.

And waited….

I fell into a light sleep but it didn’t feel like I was sleeping at all. At midnight I was up but finally fell back to sleep again until 3. 3:00 is my normal time that I wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep. I did but it wasn’t a good sleep. I woke at 5:15 when my alarm went off and felt like I normally do or a disrupted nights sleep.

I gave it another shot on Tuesday night and pretty much the same thing happened. These don’t see to work on me at all. I know there are some with 27% alcohol and maybe those work for folks, but the alcohol free didn’t do a thing for me.

Whomp, whomp..

I am disappointed because I have had some stress this week and could really use a good night’s sleep.


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