Christmas Jar Donation


Hey Friends: Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Perfect Fall day here today.

I am really excited to share that Steve, from Fitness Your Weigh, in Groton, Ma and I are teaming up to do a Christmas Jar.


What is a Christmas Jar?

Starting on Monday there will be a jar at FYW where members can leave their spare change or bills. The jar will accept donations until December 15th and then we will donate the jar and it’s contents along with the book that it was based ( The Christmas Jars) anonymously to a family or person in need that we choose.


I am really excited to do this project and was honored that Steve was kind enough to let me do it through FYW. As much as I want to raise money for a family in need I also wanted to raise awareness that there are folks out there who are in desperate need of some hope and kindness.

A person’s life can change in an instance with a job loss, illness or death of a family member.  People just like you and me, who maybe once had it all, can suddenly feel in despair and all alone.

A single act of random kindness can give a person hope again and that life can be beautiful in hard times.


If you want to donate to the jar please go to and donate through Paypal.  Any amount, even change can help.

Read the incredible true stories of people who have gotten jars themselves.  Their stories will move you and hopefully encourage you to donate or even start one yourself.

The change that you take from your pocket each day that you probably think nothing of can make the world of difference to someone who needs hope.

It isn’t the money that changes the person, it’s the act that someone reached out anonymously and extended a hand in dark times.

This is a map of where jar around the country have been reportedly given.


Let’s add another star to the map.



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