Worst Vacation Ever!

Hi Everyone:
Long time since I have written. I was on vacation last week and took some time off from writing.
From my Blog Post title you can tell my vacation wasn’t the best. Matter of fact, it had to be one of the worst.
Dan and I were just planning to tackle some home projects that have been hanging loose. The cool weather is perfect for the things we wanted to do so we specifically set aside time in October to accomplish some home projects.
October 17th is also our anniversary ( 16th this year) and the 22nd is Dan’s Birthday.
Turns out Dan was feeling under the weather the whole week and we didn’t do anything! Matter of fact, he continued to work ( from home) instead of take vacation days. Why use the days when you aren’t feeling well anyway? I probably should have worked too, but I didn’t.
Dan said this was our worst anniversary, birthday and vacation ever. That’s saying something.
It was a pretty rainy week too so even if he had been feeling better the projects we had planned may not have worked out.
I did do a few things on vacation but nothing really exciting. I am looking for fun and exciting lately and it just isn’t happening.
Anybody got anything?
I got my hair and my nails done and I visited with my Aunt. She colored my hair again, which is always interesting. Actually it came out just fine. She did a good job.
Oh, I did get a great bargain though. I went to the Merrimack Outlets in NH and bought a Coach Purse originally $418.00 for $63.00.
That is a bargain. I don’t normally care about designer bags but I have looked everywhere and I like the color and shape of the purse. I don’t absolutely love it, but I like it. I still have the tags on “just in case” though. I can return it up to 60 days after purchase. We’ll see..
I did not eat well or exercise enough over my week off. I am really feeling it this week. Oddly enough, I am feeling the need to work out more. Hopefully I can get back to it this week or next. I was working out about 4 or 5 times a week at the gym and now I am down to 2 or 3.
I was telling someone that I feel the Earth or something is off kilter right now and everyone I know is dealing with some issue of their own, myself included. I am feeling off, like nothing is going to make me happy right now. I love this time of the year so it isn’t Fall that is getting me down. Just feel like so many people are struggling right now.
I need to write a letter! Who needs one?



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