Bone weary mentally tired

Hey Y’all. How was your Tuesday?

Don’t you love when people tell you you look tired? Well, I had that said to me twice today. The sad part was I thought I was looking pretty good until someone said that at 7:10 this morning. I  was feeling pretty good until he said that and then I was exhausted for the rest of the day.


Subliminal message?

He was right though. I am mentally just flat worn out. It’s the kind of worn out where I don’t know what will help. Nothing seems to be making much difference lately.


Not true, though, now that I think about it.

I went to Spin for the first time in two weeks and I missed it!

It was so great to see everyone. I love the people in our small, intimate class. The room is the size of a tin can (with actual metal walls) and it has 16 bikes crammed in. Many of the folks are “regulars” and we have seen each other through ups and downs and we support and make each other smile when we don’t feel like it. We call it our therapy class and I know for me that is true.

Christy is our fearless leader and it felt great to spin away the stress tonight. At least forget it for a little while anyway. I caught myself a few times thinking about stuff I shouldn’t be while working out and someone would say something funny (probably Kent) or Christy would call something out and I was back to cycling reality.

Working out tonight definitely helped my mood but now that I am home and full I feel weary. Not the “I am going to get a great night sleep tonight” weary but the kind if anyone says anything I may explode or just cry, which isn’t like me.

Things just seem hard lately, harder than normal and I am tired. I am tired for all the folks I know going through tough times. Someone said to me today that for all the good you hear about in the world it seems like you hear 5 times more of the bad.  Yeah….

Guess it’s just getting to me.

So as I am writing this it just came to me what I need to do.

I need to set some boundaries for myself.

I have to stop reading about young girls choosing to die at 29 because they have a brain tumor that can’t be fixed.

I need to stop getting caught up in my own drama in my head. Its not that bad, don’t make it that bad.

I need to have some fun!

I need to surround myself with positive people

And I really need to stop feeling sorry for myself.

Life can be hard, but that’s what makes us strong, right?


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