Little beam of Sunshine upcoming radio interview

Hey, hey… It’s already Thursday. How is your week so far?


I am excited because on Sunday, November 2nd, I am going to be interviewed on the Friends of Kevin show . You can listen to it on Blog talk radio:


I have been on his show once before talking about my web-site and it was so much fun! I was nervous that I would talk over him or not know what to say but it went well. Kevin asks great questions and knows how to “direct” the interview like a pro. I wasn’t nervous at all and it kind of made me want to do my own show!


I am really trying to promote my inspirational, hand written letters and so I of course, thought of Kevin. I sent him an e-mail asking if he had an interest in interviewing me about my letters and he agreed.


In case you can’t hear the interview ( I will put it up on my Blog) here is what I am going to talk about on the show.


Little Beam of Sunshine is a project that I recently started.  If someone is feeling down, needs encouragement or a lift in spirits I will hand write a letter to that person and mail it to them. I don’t offer advice but just some positive, motivational and sometimes life experience that will hopefully add just “ a little beam of sunshine” into their lives.


I have written several letters so far (and even got one back) and the feedback I got was great. It didn’t fix anyone’s problems but perhaps just made someone smile or offer them some hope.


Who couldn’t use a kind word from time to time? Sometimes, you just need a reminder that you are awesome.


With the holidays approaching there are many, many folks out there that are alone and could certainly use some kindness.


All people have to do to receive a letter is to go to my Contact page and fill out the form and send it to me. I will take your situation that you are struggling with (you provide in the form) and I will mail you a letter with some inspiration around it.


Read some actual letters on my site:

photo (3)

Thank you, Kevin, for having me as a guest. I am really looking forward to it.

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