Friend’s Of Kevin radio show

Hey Guys: I had so much fun on the Friend’s of Kevin show talking about my letter project: little beam of sunshine.  This was my second time on and it was just as exciting and fun.
If you couldn’t listen live here is the link or I have the transcript (pretty much) written below:
1. What is little beam of sunshine about?
 A project that I started to hand write letters to folks who may need uplifting, reassurance or reminding  that they are awesome. Sometimes we need that reminder when things get tough. I’ll mail a letter to someone’s house and try to bring them some kindness
2. How did you think of this idea?
I have wanted to volunteer for some time now at places like Dress for Success or Neads but I just can’t be somewhere. I can write letters though and I love to write, especially just from the heart.
3. Can you give me an example of what types of people or situations you would write a letter for?
Single Moms having a tough time
Motherless daughters who miss their Moms and could use support
People looking for jobs or are out of work
4. Why hand write a letter and not e-mail?
The written letter is a dead art. How fun is it to get a letter in the mail nowadays? It’s exciting anticipating it coming too.
5. Do you give advice?
No, I don’t give advice at all. I talk in generaities that could apply to anyone. The single Mom for example: I spoke about how hard it is and there are no manuals; you just do the best you can do and you’ll goof up but, hey, you’re human. It’s simply bringing ” a little beam of sunshsine” into someone’s life. Hence, the name of my web-site.
6. Do you think a stranger would want a letter from you?
That was a concern when I first started this but I have written to strangers and one asked if they could write me back. She did and it was a beautiful letter that I so enjoyed receieving. An act of kindness can mean just as much from a stranger, sometimes more
7. Is there a fee for sending a letter?
Nope, I don’t charge anything for sending a letter. Just go to and fill out the form and I’ll send one along
8. Can people reccommend someone else to receieve a letter?
Yes, if you know anyone that you feel may need a letter you can certainly request one for them. Just let me know it is for a friend and give me a hint on what they are struggling with.
9. Who pays for the paper and envelopes?
I pay for everything. I do have a donations tab set up on my web-site if anyone would like to donate for paper, envelops or stamps.
10. How can people help?
I would love for people to spread the word about my letters. With the holidays coming it can be such a lonely time for people. I am also looking for organizations or groups who could use some positive reinforcement. Simply spreading the word.
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