Not working out much lately

Hey, hey:


How are you all doing? Adjusting to it being dark when you leave work?


Last night I went to Step aerobics for the first time in months. I mean like 3 or 4 months. This used to be a regular class that I never missed but I stopped going over the summer for various reasons. I was going to go back in the Fall but things have come up and I haven’t been able to get to the gym much. Matter of fact, I have only been working out Tuesday at Spin and Wednesday with Steve lately.


I have also been doing a lot of the cooking lately, but Dan is a much healthier cook than I. He grills meat and makes a vegetable while I make beef stew, chicken pot pie and ribs!  While yummy, it is very fattening foods. Between the not working out much and the lack of my normal exercise I feel like I am getting fat.


I bought underwear last week and I really could have used a larger size. BOOOOO


The good news is I have found a sleep remedy that is so far working  and I have been limiting my alcohol in -take greatly.


I am feeling frustrated, fat and stressed out lately.  I can be so disciplined but once I let my guard down it’s a free for all.


One thing I know I need to do is start working out on my own at home again. If I can’t get to the gym I need to make sure I do something at home. I have thought of it, I just don’t seem to have the motivation to do it. Now that it’s dark early I won’t be tempted to do something outside so I can start to plan some indoor at home workouts .


Just a random gripe: Since it is cold now I wore capris to  Step last night. They were bugging the crap out of me so much because I hate to have my arms and legs covered when I work out. I felt so restricted in these pants and I wanted desperately to kick them off, but obviously in a crowd, I couldn’t. UGH.. At home I work out in as little as possible. Might be a sight to be seen but I am comfortable and feel like I can move!


I looked around class last night and everyone had on capris. Will I look weird if I wear shorts under sweat pants and take the sweats off for class? I stand in the back anyway, who will know?

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