Creature Teacher at Williams Barn

Hey Everyone:

How was your weekend? Mine was good. It was the perfect Fall weather that I LOVE. Crisp, cool air, leaves crunching under our feet and the smell of a fireplace. Love it!

Yesterday I walked the dog and then worked out with Steve. I got home and ran a few errands and then Dan and I met Rosemary, Nancy and Mike (from the dog park) at Williams Barn in Groton for an animal show that our friend Ralph (another dog park friend) put on with his girlfriend Nancy from Creature Teacher.


When we got there Ralph had Elliot on his shoulder and was walking around to groups of people with him. He spotted us and came over with Elliot. Dan held him first and then Ralph handed him to me. I laughed and Elliot laughed too!  He was really cool.

Next Ralph pulled out the skunk, Pierre. Rosemary held him first and then it was my turn. Pierre can’t spray but he still smelled a little “skunky”. He was  a cute little thing but my new down coat smalls like a skunk!

Nancy pulled out the tarantula, Rosie (?) and EEWWWW. I hate spiders more than almost anything. Although, I think since tarantulas are “furry” I can actually tolerate them better than regular spiders. Weird, I know. Maybe the fur fools me into thinking they are more of an animal than a spider? I don’t know but I still didn’t want to touch it.  UGH

But, the best was saved for last and Victor made his appearance. Ralph has been telling us about Victor on our dog walks for months and we finally got to meet him. He is an albino python and really cool!  I don’t mind snakes at all and the kids were digging him! Ralph asked who wanted to help hold him and all the kids rushed up and parent’s were whipping out their camera’s to take pictures.

The best part was Nancy actually held the snake! Nancy hates snakes like I hate Spiders. I mean, hates them. But she was so brave and asked to hold Victor and was smiling while doing it. Way to go, Nancy!

It was a fun time by all. We have heard about these creatures for so long on our dog walks and it was so fun to see Ralph in his glory with his animals.

We said good-bye to everyone and Dan and I headed out to our monthly dinner party. This time it was at his brother’s house in Natick. We were assigned vegetables to bring so Dan roasted some veggies with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. There were 10 of us and it was great food, company and stories as usual. We had to miss the last one so it was great to see everyone again this month. We skip December because of the holidays so we’ll see everyone again in 2015.

Today, I walked the dog in the morning and food shopped for the week. I came home and made an American Chop Suey with Brown Rice Pasta. I don’t mind it at all. It’s a nice hearty meal for lunches this week. I met up with Rosemary at 3:30 to walk the dogs again and then it was dark!

I think I am going to carry on my new Sunday night tradition of having a nice relaxing bath before bed. Sounds good to me.

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