It’s been a struggle lately

Happy Monday! Did I tell you I am loving this weather lately???


I took a 45 minute walk at lunch today and it was great because I haven’t been able to get to the gym as much as I had been and it’s been killing me. Can you believe it? Me either.


This is what my ideal week of workouts are:

Monday – Step

Tuesday- Spin

Wed- Steve

Friday- Yoga

Saturday – Steve or at home workout


This is the reality lately

Tuesday- Spin

Wednesday  – Steve


Don’t get me wrong I walk the dog 2 miles on the other days but it just isn’t the same workout I was getting. Steve wants to put together a 20 minute Tabata workout for me to do at home. To be accountable  he wants me to e-mail him when I have done it.


What are Tabatas?


It’s four minutes of high-intensity training, alternating between 20 seconds of max training followed by a 10-second rest for a total of eight rounds. These workouts are fast-paced and fun and burn up tons of calories.


Ok, I can do 20 minutes. Blah….


Along with my lack of working out I feel like I am addicted to carbs now too. Usually, I limit the white carbs I eat and try and eat only whole grain carbs. These past few weeks I have been eating a ton of bagels, McDonalds, chips…. And right before I saw Steve on Saturday I ate ¼ bag of Pirate Booty!


What is up with that? I usually don’t buy this stuff but I not only bought one bag, I bought 2!  I really feel like I am addicted to carbs right now and I need to break the habit! I normally eat more protein but I have been eating horribly lately. Some of it is from appointments running way late and I have to now grab something quick. It’s too late for lunch but dinner is way too far away. I have been eating bagels at Dunkins and then when I get home I reach for the munchie stuff like Pirate Booty and eat half the bag.


In talking with Steve I know if I am going to an appointment just throw a protein bar or a bag of nuts in my purse, just in case. That way I won’t be stuck and have to eat junk that will just turn to sugar and stick to my belly.


I also decided I need to resume my Food Journal. I stopped it awhile back but I started it again today.


Here is what today looked like:



1/2 Omelet with peppers, onion, ham & cheese

1/2 Ezekial English muffin with butter

2 cups coffee with cream

American Chop Suey with Brown Rice Pasta




Individual bag of pistachios



Tortilla chips/ peanuts


Protein & veggies for dinner


I was very pleased with myself on Friday night. Dan wanted Chinese Food really badly and I didn’t. I was craving something healthy but he really, really wanted Chinese. I decided to get the steamed shrimp and vegetables and I had some Curry sauce that I had on the side and dipped the food into just to taste. It was really healthy and actually quite good.

I can moan and groan and say it’s not my fault that I am not working out or being able to eat healthy because we have been on the go. The truth of the matter is it’s all about choices.

I need to make better choices and stop making excuses.

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