Sore back, and legs and butt…

Hey you guys: How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good except that my back has been killing me lately. This past weekend the pain went from my back down to my butt and legs. Molly kicked us out of the big bed so Dan and I were squeezed into the little one. I woke him up stretching my legs because there was a pain going down them and I must have been trying to stretch it out. The pain woke me up and I was hurting.


I foam rolled a lot on Sunday. It killed. I mean really, really hurt to foam roll my legs. My thighs were SOOOO tight. It did feel better a bit after so I tried to roll as much as I could stand it.

Monday I was still sore but a little better. I foam rolled and started to do an at home workout but it was painful and I decided to give myself some time off. I foam rolled instead and here’s to hoping I will feel better tomorrow.


I have been really trying to clean up my diet too. I have been eating lousy for a few months now and it shows. I can feel it in my butt and see it in my stomach. Too many wrong types of carbs. With the holidays coming I am trying to eat cleaner and healthier.

Here was my food journal to Steve this week. Not too bad!


2 hard boiled eggs
1/2 Ezekial English muffin
2 cups coffee with cream

salad with chicken
Greek dressing

cauliflower and hummus

Shrimp and veggies in curry
brown rice

chocolate covered almonds


egg sandwich on Ezekial English Muffin
2 cups coffee with cream

American Chop Suey with Brown rice pasta

Low sugar tapioca
bag of mixed nuts

Shrimp & veggies in curry
brown rice

Ezekial Eng Muffin with PB
2 cups coffee

BLT and cup of chicken stew


Baked stuff sole and veggies


2 cups coffee


1/2 Omelet
Rye toast
home fries

chicken chili

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