Gotta go, gotta go right NOW!

Hey Ladies:

How are you today? I was talking to someone recently and we decided that I should talk about a topic that plagues many women but no one likes to talk about (or admit). This is such a huge topic this may be a 2 or 3 part blog!


Incontinence: What is it? A tendency to accidentally leak urine.

Got your attention yet?

I am going to tell you right off the bat that I have this issue and we need to talk about it. So there you have it, I pee at inopportune times.

Having a cold or a chest infection is a nightmare for me. Sneezing or coughing can be a huge issue for leakage and that can be a problem while out in public or at work!

Now I am really going to share a secret with you. I have an extra pair of undies in my bag at work, just in case.

TMI? Maybe, but I don’t want women to feel alone, embarrassed or ashamed. You are not alone!

When I started at Steve’s last year I told him I wouldn’t do jumping jacks when he asked me to. I told him why. Yup, I did. He has many other women clients who may have the same issue and may not want to tell him jumping is an issue. So, I told him for all of us.


Even going out for a walk at lunch lately has been a challenge. If I have to go even slightly it can be a problem. I was walking at lunch with a co-worker a few weeks back and I tripped and oops, I peed a little.

WTF? I really didn’t even think I had to pee at all! Now I empty my bladder even if I don’t think I need to before any type of excess movement.

According to Health there are different types of incontinence:


Standing up – If you leak urine after simply standing up from a sitting position you may have stress incontinence.

Laughing, sneezing , coughing – Urine leakage when you laugh, sneeze, or cough is a common symptom of stress incontinence.

Exercise – Leaking urine when lifting weights or performing other exercises is another sign of stress incontinence.

Sex- Women with incontinence can also experience urine leakage while having sex, Dr. Shah says. Since this discharge is caused by pressure on the abdomen and bladder, it’s a sign of stress incontinence.


Sudden urge

If you feel the need to urinate frequently and often have a sudden, urgent, and uncontrollable need to urinate, you may have overactive bladder, which can cause you to have urge incontinence

Running water or thoughts of walking in the door –  as one waits for the garage door to open or unlocks the door—can actually exacerbate the symptoms of overactive bladder,” Dr. Shah says.


Can’t hold it – People who experience urge incontinence have a hard time reaching the bathroom.

“They know they have to go, but feel they don’t have enough time to get there,” says Dr. Shah. “They can’t stop the bladder, and their underwear is wet before they get to the bathroom or they are dripping on the floor.”


It’s common for a woman to have mixed incontinence, or a combination of stress and urge incontinence, especially after menopause.

These are the common types of incontinence. I have had almost all of the stress ones (except during sex, thank goodness).

Look through the list and see which ones you have experienced. Now that we have admitted our problem I’ll talk in the next blog about what to do about it.

Question of the day: How many of you have some of these issues? Comment, come on, let’s talk about it!

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