Got caught by the Coppers!

Hey everyone! How’s it going?

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was kind of busy.

I have not forgotten to finish my Part 2 about a leaky bladder but I am gathering some information and will post at a later date.

Saturday I got up and walked the dog and then Rosemary and I were going to Williams Barn for a Holiday Fair. It’s really pretty and they have pies and bagels and all sorts of other goodies for sale.


Anywho,  I was following her from the park to the barn and I decided to hit the gas to catch her just as a cop passed me ( and I was right in front of the police station in Groton).

Duh, I got pulled over! Whoops.

The cop told me I was going 50 in a 35 and I said “Yes, I was… sorry” I told him I was following someone and decided to try and catch up to her and then I noticed him and knew I was caught. He told me he liked my honesty and clean driving record and gave me warning. Geesh. Would have been a ticket of $155.00 and points added to my insurance.


Lesson here: Just be honest when you screw up. Most people will forgive you.

On Sunday I was on  a mission to find Almond Flour. Geeze Louise you’d think I was looking for the Hope Diamond for God’s sake. Everywhere I go has the brand Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour, but that brand makes horrible pastries. My muffins come out soggy and almost like they aren’t cooked enough but if you cook them more it doesn’t make them better. I was reading someone’s Blog and they said that brand will do just that and to use another brand.


I dragged poor Dan to Roots Natural Market, Groton Natural Market, Idylwilde Farm and finally I got the last 2 bags at Trader Joes! It’s actually almond meal, not flour, which means there are skins in the mix. Doesn’t make quite as good as a product as the flour.

Seriously, for almond flour? I came home and ordered Wellbee’s Almond Flour, not meal, from Amazon. It is supposed to make fluffy and light muffins. We’ll see!

On Sunday I ran out to get Dan a few Christmas gifts he had seen at BJ’s on Saturday night. He spotted a book on a war veteran that he appeared interested in so I went and bought that along with socks. If Dan doesn’t get socks for Christmas it’s like the Grinch stole his Christmas.


I also picked him up a bathrobe that he will NEVER wear at TJ Maxx. He is always cold lately so why not wear a bathrobe? I would wear mine to work if I could! I think this is a reasonable gift but my guess is either I will be returning it or wearing it myself.

Shhh, don’t tell him what I bought him.

While I was out shopping I bought myself 2 presents. I do this every year when I Christmas shop. One for you, one for me.

Question of the day: Do you buy yourself gifts when you Christmas shop?


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